Florence + the Machine Joins Fans Under the Full Moon in “Dance Fever” Tour

On Sunday, October 10th, we gathered under the full moon in the outdoor arena of the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. Florence + the Machine summoned fans for a performance celebrating the release of her latest album, Dance Fever. Charged with its energy, she held sway over the crowd as she joined the stage.

Photo by Helana Michelle

“King” formed the foundation of Florence Welch’s energy, bathed in a spotlight as lamplight glimmered behind her. As she sang self-affirmations, claiming her own divinity and desires, each fan listened intently to her words as her voice danced through the arena of its own fruition.

By the end of the third track, she called upon her audience and laid pause to her melodies, though her voice still rang clear as a bell and sang a song of its own divine creation:

I’m wondering if you who are up this close, are going to regret getting your tickets up here, because I’m sure going to make you work for it… For those who are tagging along, and wondering ‘is this a cult, or some kind of English pagan religion?’ and are overall…just confused about the energy here… I want to tell you that whatever you’re feeling, to just fully give into it and to lay claim to your desires…I want all of your energy tonight…

She then challenged each of the audience members to put away their phones. All listened as the blue lights faded and you saw nothing but darkness around you; no longer a screen in sight.

Behind Florence in the back of the stage, a tiered table held candles with cobwebs and torn cloth, where flowers and gifts from fans were laid as offerings to the song and experience that night. Throughout the cool, fall evening, the moon continued to rise, lighting our way as she invited us to join with her in the experience and used us as another instrument to her own command. We danced as she called us, sang to our hearts content, wept as she, and followed her as her frame seemed to float off stage and near the crowd, feeling pulled to grow as near as we could.

Ripped open was her heart for us to witness as she mended ours, as her voice healed and wove together our wounds with golden string, and her movements caressed us into a state of calm. The final words were sung as she reached for a member of the crowd at the barricade, took off the crown from a man who wore it and bowed, before she donned it herself and galloped off stage.

Stay tuned for more updates about Florence + The Machine. Tickets are still available for her remaining dates of her tour here.

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