Exclusive Premiere: Surrender to the acoustic balance of “Even If”

With a chorus of guitar lines that intertwine and intermingle effortlessly, “Even If” gently eases you into its intimate landscape. As it presses forward, it becomes a song that hits you in waves with each lingering strum and pick of a guitar, with every honest word sung in raspy tones by Robin Scherpen. He sings atop the measures, floating, reflecting on feelings of conflict, pain, and thankfulness. The harmonies support the main melody as heavenly echoes awakening that reflective muscle within. 

The instrumentals of this track seem to ground the singer amidst the uncertainty of his reality. As layers of guitars and drums envelop him with every word, he welcomes it. Even though the track is grounded in an acoustic simplicity, each line is a strong echo of the previous, steeped in different tones. The piano and guitars pave a unique musical path with every note. Gradually, the layers of the song fall away and the simple acoustic core is revealed at the very end, the delicate and fragile picking of a guitar.

Dutch Singer-songwriter Robin Scherpen’s new song “Even If” is about being resilient in the face of the unknown and is the first song off of his upcoming EP In Dark Light And Colors. He collaborated with producer Bernard Gepken and drummer Micha Porter on the track. The song will be featured on the Dutch TV program “Over Mijn Lijk,” a reality TV series about people that have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses.

Listen to “Even If” below and keep up with his future releases on his Instagram.

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