Exclusive Premiere: B00TY drops their latest summer hit “Matter of Time”

With a cheeky name like B00TY and the slogan of this duo being “everyone has one,” it’s hard to picture this indietronica group as truly serious musicians at face value. But that’s exactly what they are and infinitely more. Despite the comedy on the surface, the minds behind B00TY are accomplished songwriters and producers Edan Frei and Adam Epelbaum (who even said, “despite our band name, we definitely take the music-making process seriously.”) And the seriousness of their productions pays off as the duo have just signed on with a new record label that has collectively worked with real mega-stars like Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, and Odd Future. Those producers behind the label are Adrian Miller and Om’Mas Keith, both of whom can count over ten Grammys between them.  As Miller says of working with Keith, “We are … of like minds in harmony.” 

The idea of B00TY comes fully supported by their brand new label A Tiny Universe. The two entities share a common mission to make music more intimate and localized, and the label plans to represent a tight-knit community of similar talent who all inspire each other. Keith added that the new addition of B00TY to their label “perfectly embodies” what they’re hoping to hone musically. “Both Adrian and I feel that they will ultimately represent an essential element of our musical legacy. We are truly proud to be working with such unique talents as theirs,” he said. This latest single marks B00TY’s the first release with A Tiny Universe.

The latest track is called “Matter of Time” and is officially premiering tomorrow on Issa Rae’s upcoming HBO comedy series “Rap Sh!t”. Featuring Carl McIntosh of the UK R&B group Loose Ends on vocals, the song is the emobiment of all things smooth and summery. The duo reflects a lot of Harry Styles‘s sweet new sound throughout, something built on groove, sweet words, and contagious pop feelings, effortlessly cool and buttery. The synth leads the way in the melody and is accompanied by its friends from a low flute, features from a trumpet, solid drum hits, bass guitar, and more. Despite the wide breadth of instruments, the perfect balance is achieved within the lovely “Matter of Time.” Frei said that the new track is more than just a love song. “In addition to it being a love song, it’s just that idea of whatever it is you’re going for, if you really believe in it, it’s just a matter of time,” he said.

Songwriters and B00TY bandmates Edan and Adam originally met as students at UCLA in the Theater, Film & Television program. They’ve been friends ever, with the two even renting Jim Morrison’s old apartment together at one point. After adopting the B00TY moniker, it was the famed comedian Reggie Watts who booked their first show. Follow the LA-based electro-soul group on their Instagram or Twitter for more and listen to their first release with A Tiny Universe below or on any streaming platform!

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