Lindsey Stirling never fails to surprise us with what she has been up to; a couple of weeks ago, she joined forces with post-hardcore band Escape the Fate for a heavy new single paired with her melodic violin.

As a soundtrack title from the motion picture, “The Retaliators,” a high-octane horror/thriller out now; the song was released with a pairing of an intense new music video. Watch it below:

INVINCIBLE, official video

Escape the Fate, known for their rich and dark screaming vocals enlaced with classic hard rock elements, contrasts with Lindsey Stirling’s sweet-natured and positive message in her music as she is featured wearing angel wings and a halo.

“Invincible” heralds a start to the pre-order season of the band’s upcoming album, Chemical Warfare. With the addition of Stirling’s expert musicianship, the track’s heavy elements blended in with a softer, orchestrated vulnerability, creating an emotionally raw and high-intensity track. Escape the Fate’s drummer, Robert Ortiz, chatted in an interview about Lindsey Stirling’s unique feature: “She is an angel – she has so much light in her. But the primary reason I wanted to work with her… strictly speaking musically, she is gnarly — her music is epic.”

Stirling replied, saying, “I loved working with the guys! I originally started out by playing with rock bands, so this took me back to some fond memories from my past times. As I’ve learned more about their stories as individuals and as a band, it’s cool that they truly represent fighting through darkness to find and chose light” (1).

“Invincible “is available on all streaming platforms. Listen now here. On November 20th, Escape the Fate will be going live to perform their greatest hits and new tracks. Tickets are available here.

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