Emotions Run High In Nana Rose’s ‘Only You’

Being in love is a splendid yet curious thing. It’s a meeting of two hearts destined to share this inexplicably explosive feeling (KABOOM!). If we were to encapsulate everything into a sentence, “Only you” would suit perfectly. Due to the fact that life would never be the same again. “A new player has entered ring”, all of a sudden it’s no longer about you but about them.

Regardless of fate having them destined to stay for now or for good. “Only you” and the rush of emotions connected to it remains. That’s because love is forever; there will always be a need for it. Much like how in Nana Rose’s latest song “Only You” depicts. Released last February 24th in all streaming platforms, it’s a track that expresses that strong longing to be with the love of your life. So much so that if the other is absent for some reason, there’s that void rendering you incomplete. Slowly they’re no longer just a person, but we’ve incorporated them to the very fiber of our being.

While the premise of “Only You”has been a staple across media. Nana Rose still managed to retell it all in a fresh new way, in fact this time in a more sincere manner. It’s more than just the cheesy stuff we’re oh so used to, instead we see this admission that she is in shambles “without you”. This is made evident in the vocals and instrumentation that gives off so much pain. A strong dose that’s more than enough to make you bawl your eyes out for hours on end. So prepare those tissues because you’ll be in for a heart felt beautiful tear jerker.

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Enjoy your mid week everyone!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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