Eamon O’Neil wears his heart on his sleeve in a potent new acoustic release

In the brand new acoustic-rooted song “Colours You Have Left” by Eamon O’Neil, a sweet guitar hums and instantly creates a soft, safe space signifying the start of an addictively emotional release. It’s an indicator of what’s to come as Eamon’s broken, vulnerable words follow to duet with the vulnerable instrumental line. O’Neil sings of what it means to be human, like running from something painful and hearing his name called from somewhere unknown, and the honesty amidst the comforting soundscape (crafted by the notes of a slide guitar) is all too potent.

“Colours You Have Left” is a vulnerable recount of hardship, and the sparse, acoustic soundscape within grows gradually with each verse. O’Neil’s vivid lyrics recount those feelings of difficult growth, pulling the colors out of yourself despite feeling like every day grows more difficult. He sings about having, “six months of bruises and a broken heart,” but also how he knows he has color left inside himself still somehow. The melancholic singer-songwriter-pop song is, at its core, an ode to healing and growth. From being stuck in depression to a gradual acceptance of things turning out as they should, the comforting blend tells a strong and familiar story.

A singer-songwriter originally from New Zealand (but now based out of Poland), Eamon O’Neil just returned to the stage in his hometown for the first time in two years in March. The show followed the release of his very first original single “Memories of You”. Prior to his original releases, he covered tracks from artists like Neil Young and Kings of Leon on his Youtube. Originally hoping to release an EP this year, the new dad put that dream on the shelf amidst a slew of big life moments (a pandemic, welcoming a son, and a full-time job.) Now the musician plans to release each new track on its own, so stay tuned for the next release of the Summer!

Keep up with O’Neil on his Instagram or other social media for more and listen to the emotional “Colours You Have Left” below or on any other major streaming platform!

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