Medical doctor or DJ/Producer? – Why not both?

Doctor Jax, a medical student, captures listeners with his bouncy basslines, sharp grooves, and otherworldly synths. Released by IN CONTROL Recordings, a label run by EDM artist Charmes, his second official release “Love You All The Time” premiered earlier today on a Spotify playlist, Doctor Jax is definitely an artist rising in the world of house music to keep an eye on.

We had the chance to chat with him about this release. Check out what he had to say below!

1. How old were you when you began to DJ/produce?

“I started DJing after getting a controller for Christmas in 2018 when I was 22 years old. I fell in love with DJing and decided to start producing a few months later, so I’ve been producing for almost a year and a half now. “

2. How do you balance attending medical school + simultaneously growing your career in music?

“It’s really all about time management, organization, and efficiency. I can’t produce as much as I would like to but when I do I try to be as efficient as possible. I produce with a paper and pen, writing down how long I think each action should take and setting a timer before I do anything (learned this trick from one of my mentors, Zack Edward). This really keeps me on track and keeps me from just staring at the same loop for too long haha. Really it just comes down to loving what you do, and I don’t really consider studying or making music a chore because I truly love both training to be a physician as well as making music.”


3. What inspired “Love You All The Time”?

“I found the vocal sample from a royalty free website online and wanted to combine the emotional undertones of the vocals with a really groovy beat, to kinda bring that emotion as well as danceability to the dance floor. Once I had the vocal and bassline down everything just flowed from there.”

4. Which DJs/producers inspire your sound?

“I draw a lot of inspiration from Noizu (I probably reference his tracks the most), Chris Lake, and cliche answer but FISHER as well haha. All of their songs just have such a great groove to them and they are kind of the titans in the tech house world at the moment. The number one thing I try to do with every track is have a very groovy, catchy bassline melody, and I think that’s an essential quality in the genre of music I make.”

5. What is your dream event to perform, and why?

“My dream event would be to play at EDC Las Vegas. I’ve never been to that festival specifically, but I’ve been going to festivals since high school and it would be very surreal to be able to play at one, especially one as big as EDC. I always watch the livesteams and it’d just be crazy to be on the other side of that. I’d also really like to play more smaller shows in Nashville and Chicago, as those are two places that I’ve spent a lot of time in and have a lot of friends that have never seen me DJ before.”

Be sure to stay on the look-out for more releases later this year. Until then, be sure to check out “Love You All The Time” – available across all streaming platforms.

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