DJ Wei’s “Oh Girl” Remix Expands His Repertoire Of Excellent Electro-Funk

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Former Glassetonbury semi-finalist DJ Wei has returned with a brand-new remix of LINION‘s “Oh Girl.” Described as a “funky world-music-infused dancy remix track,” it’s the shot of adrenaline that will get you out of your funk.

Wei, the veteran DJ from Malaysia who founded the “mu-nest” record label in 2006, has a knack for working on tracks that are refreshingly full of life. His “Oh Girl” remix is no exception.

DJ Wei

Let’s be clear: I have no clue what the vocalist is singing this whole song. The reversed vocal effects make LINION’s vocals sound like a Sims character that listens to D’Angelo, but it really doesn’t matter in this case. This undeniably, unquestionably sounds good.

The jangly guitars will induce a nice head-bop in the first 30 seconds, which evolves into a full shoulders-up bounce once the bass kicks in. After the delicate piano riff starts to mix in, it comes together in an inviting way on the explosive hook.

Overall, it has the same vibrancy and groove that made “Moonstruck” such a great track. It’s a fun song that will make you dance until you get tired of rewinding.

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