Divert, A New Force To Be Reckoned With After Dropping New Banger, “feeling you out”

Divert Productions LLC, an artist development and production group, claims on its site that it markets its artist in a way where they become “the next Billboard artist(s).” That’s no lie! Divert, a group of Divert Productions artists, broke out their new single, “feeling you out,” performed by Zander Matteson, TOPFLOOR, WAX, Ghetto Guitar, and Prod Jai. There’s this high power in the track that each performer manages to maintain in their parts while simultaneously adding their individual flavor, and it blends perfectly.

“feeling you out” has no deep meaning, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we can overlook the lyrics—can’t ignore the lyrical style and playfulness. But we’ll get to that in a second.

Zander begins the song with the pre-chorus smoothly, bringing a chill atmosphere. WAX breaks in with a hot verse and hard lyrics in a way that says he could go on forever. Zander drops the chorus, allowing the listener to cool down before TOPFLOOR (Dagen) comes in with his verse. Here’s where the lyrical playfulness comes in. While he may not be explicitly talking about a particular person, TOPFLOOR is basically smelling himself in his verse, notifying anyone that he’s the best, using genius lyrics.

“I’m running the game / I’m running the game, yeah / you a light jog / They running behind me / they move like Dasani / I’m more like Voss.”

While it isn’t the most expensive water in the world or the US, Voss is one of the top five best bottled water in the US. Dasani doesn’t even make the top ten. So, it’s astonishing how TOPFLOOR uses the bottled water analogy to emphasize his point that he’s the best.

Overall, the track is beyond incredible, and this is only the beginning for Divert, which means that we are barely getting a taste of what’s to be offered.

Go ahead and check out “feeling you out,” now!

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Taylor Berry Author
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