By Cassandra McLaughlin August 27, 2019

2-11pm wasn’t enough Deep Tropics for us; we had to keep the party going all night long! After a super fun live set by Keys N Krates at the amphitheatre, they led the Tropics crowd into a proper night of raving, with more bass, wubs, and dubstep, a break from the house sets we’d listened to all day.

Located in Nashville’s Top Golf, The Cowan was the perfect music venue to host this Deep Tropics official afterparty. It was super roomy downstairs with a decently sized stage big enough for the full tropical decorative works necessary to match the energy from the main stage at the actual fest. The line was insanely long. The venue seemed to fill up quickly, and I’m not even sure if everyone in line was actually able to get in. There was a private upstairs lounge area as well, so it was funny to watch those guys people watching on the crowd below them. This crowd was full of energy and ready to rave all night! 


A wonderful local act, 26Carat, opened up the after party. He played a bunch of bangers, originals and remixes alike, and really threw down for the crowd. Hex Cougar matched his energy and unleashed himself at the crowd full blast. He had no chill and did not hold back! He played some great music, never outshining anybody, rather enhancing the vibes of the night. His energy ultimately thrusted into an energy packed set from Keys N Krates, and they handled the rest.


Keys N Krates went heavy on us for the last hoorah of the night. With a more bass-oriented set this time, the crowd went nuts! They played Dum Dee Dum and Treat Me Right, and it was dumb lit. Everyone left with a bittersweet taste in their mouth; sad it was over, but happy to have been a witness to the litness. Good thing there was a whole new day to look forward to! 


Photography by Elena Lin

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