WOW…. Day 2 of Decadence lived up to its budgeted hype as the largest and craziest party of New Years Eve 2019. If you would have told me that Global Dance could top the energy of night 1, I would have called you crazy. That was until I walked into the venue, fully decked out for the new year celebration. Thousands of massive balloons hung from the ceiling in preparation for the ball drop at midnight, new decorations had replaced the night 1 staples, massive confetti cannons loomed over the crowd and a plethora of aerial dancers leapt to and from the rafters as the audience watched in awe.


Once again, Decadence showed us the immense variety of EDM productions, ranging from FISHER’s classic tech house to San Holo and Louis the Child’s chill and melodic vibes to the absolutely skull-crushing wubs of SLANDER and DJ Diesel (AKA the 7 ft 2 in basketball legend, Shaquille O’Neal.) The energy in the arena was palpable as festival attendees and artists alike prepared for the jump into the new year. One of the greatest performers in the world, especially in terms of pure energy–Steve Aoki–absolutely slayed his set. Aoki demonstrated his masterful stage presence sprinting around, jumping on his DJ tables and telling the crowd to put their ‘mother f***in” hands in the air,’ all while blasting some of the craziest rave music I’ve ever heard.


Midnight at Decadence was needless to say the highlight of the night. Louis the Child held the honor of taking the audience into 2020 on one stage, and directly across the mushroom forest on the other stage, Rezz (more commonly known as Space Mom by her cult of followers) blasted her iconic WEIRDDDD beats to blast us into the new year. If it was ever possible to be in 2 places at once, this would have been the time. Louis the Child used some of the most colorful images in one of the top visual spectacles of the year.


Space Mom took the audience into 2020 with her splintering classic, Edge–which possesses one of my favorite drops in any electronic song. Needless to say, Rezz timed it perfectly and dropped that ish as the clock struck 12–just as 5,000 massive balloons burst from the ceiling, creating absolute mayhem on the dance floor–this was easily the most crazy event I have ever experienced.


Somehow, this energy raged on with the same intensity for another 3 and a half hours, as the night was capped out with a stunning performance from the Deadbeats boys. Despite falling victim to an air traffic delay, the drum and bass gods at Zeds Dead managed to play at Decadence in Arizona at 10:30 and make it to Denver 10 minutes after their scheduled start time of 2:00am. This did anything but derail the duo as they made up for the delay, playing 30 minutes over time to the screaming approval of the audience.


Day 2 will go down in the books as one of the most epic rave events of the year, and most likely the decade. Global Dance put on a phenomenal spectacle for ravers and artists alike. Here’s to hoping the rest of 2020 will be (almost as) epic– although, I don’t know if I’d be holding my breath on this!!


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