Dax Unleashes His Emotions in “i don’t want another sorry” Featuring Trippie Redd

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Dax is a rising hip-hop artist who is no stranger to using his music to make people feel like they could be walking in his shoes. Prior to starting his musical career, this Ottawa-raised rapper played high school and college basketball then worked as a nighttime janitor to support himself throughout university. Combining his interests in poetry and wanting to make a lasting impact on the world is what eventually brought him to rap.

These days, Dax is a positive, optimistic, and motivational artist who is trying to make something out of absolutely nothing. He makes music that people can relate to because he wants his listeners to feel like family and to feel like their dreams are also within reach. Boasting over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, I’d say he’s definitely hitting the mark.

His latest single, “i don’t want another sorry,” is a song that was born from deep feelings of a past relationship. Fed up and heartbroken, he didn’t want another sorry at that time and says that “when the beat came on in the studio, [he] screamed that out and it created this.”

The video starts out with two warning lines to set the tone for the rest of the track. “After they hurt you once, leave. Cause if they’ll do it once, they’ll do it again.” It then cuts to Dax signing the approval papers on a heart removal surgery. Over a guitar-punctuated and synth-laced beat, produced by Trademark, that sounds eerily like a heartbeat at times, Dax literally pours his heart out into this song.

We can hear Dax’s range of emotions throughout even just the hook. Between coming to terms with the fact that the relationship has ended and reflecting on the pain that was experienced, Dax expertly tunes his vocals to fluctuate between being filled with sorrow and being filled with anger and hurt. He follows a similar pattern as he launches into his verse in which he explores more of the emotions behind his message. Once Dax’s heart surgery is complete, Trippie Redd enters with his apologetic yet accepting verse. In the final verse, Dax finally takes control and walks away from the relationship that was causing him pain. And he walks away from his heart.

Even beneath the anger, Dax manages to show us a vulnerable side to him – he’s angry, but he’s also hurt and depressed. Vulnerability is something that is often missing amongst men, as many are raised to not show their emotions. It is refreshing and appreciated to hear an artist like Dax lay his cards on the table for us all to bear witness to and allow us to connect with. And if there’s one topic that is universally relatable, it’s heartbreak.

“A broken heart can’t be fixed. Only mended or replaced.

You can watch the music video, shot by Logan Meis, below.

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