“DAWN” by BRONSON ft. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

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Two months ago, ODESZA and Golden Features announced that they had teamed up to release an album under the name BRONSON. Shortly after, they released two of the tracks off of the album, “HEART ATTACK” and “VAULTS.” Since then, they released their apocalyptically beautiful music video to accompany “HEART ATTACK.”

And today, they released the last song on the album, “DAWN”, featuring British DJ and singer Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.


This song has a much lighter ambiance than the first two releases. Still notable are the percussive elements from ODESZA and distortion techniques from Golden Features, but the energy is much more soothing and calm. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs offers ethereal vocals layered on top of hopeful lyrics, creating a spectacular pairing that will send chills down your spine while sending you into a feels trip.

I have no doubt this song is the perfect way to end this album, even if only two other songs have been released so far. “WAVE” has a graciously exciting, yet calming, and hopeful energy. The entirety of the song will take you on a journey, one that culminates in peaceful vocalization and slow piano.

You can listen to “DAWN” on all streaming platforms.

The entire album was originally set for release on July 17th, but in light of racial injustices around the world, the group decided to postpone the release until August 7th. The vinyl is available for pre-order today, along with other merchandise.

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