Dan Zimmerman Dives Into The LGBTQ+ Young-Adult Life In New Single, “Body”

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Dan Zimmerman releases his sophomore single, Body, exploring his past experiences as an independent queer singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn. Through placing focus on a hauntingly gentle voice and strongly composed lyrics, Zimmerman presents a new, deeply profound, introspective take on the isolation in hookup culture.

As he dives into the experience of a young LGBTQ+ adult in New York City, he presents a story that not only provides an outlet for those who have experienced similar but allows listeners to feel as if they are not alone–a strength in itself that sets the single apart from even the more unique idiosyncrasies of acoustic electro-pop. Body, partnered with Dan Zimmerman’s salient vocals, and notable talent for lyricism, is a project of self-discovery well worth listening to.

I wrote ‘Body’ about my early experiences on apps like Tinder and Grindr. I think I was trying to capture all of the distraction and confusion of adult adolescence. We put in all this effort to curate a public version of ourselves that’s “normal” or “hot” – and we objectify ourselves to death. It’s really toxic and impacts your mental health. I developed a really unhealthy relationship with my body, weighed down by shame and insecurity about my identify. I was grappling with the discomfort of being a nameless body for someone else. It forced me to think more about my emotional needs and do a lot of growing up.

Even though this track is only the second project released, closely following the release of his debut single, Soldiers, Dan Zimmerman has begun to make a true name for himself in his genre of music. Be sure to check out Dan Zimmerman’s latest single, Body, out now!

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Megan Nicole Editor
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