After featuring on Spotify’s Alternative Hip Hop and 2.24 playlists and releasing her summer project YaFeelMe, Daisha McBride returns with another seasonal EP. For this fall, “The Rap Girl” opens up in a worldly way on Hail of a Year,” drawing attention to and painting a picture of the world around her as opposed to her usual, more introspective flow. It makes for a standout collection of songs that shares light beyond her own experiences.

The intro track “2020 Interludesets the vibe from the get-go with her first line: “I know it ain’t just me, the world been wildin’ lately.” Immediately, McBride lets the audience know where this track is going. Opening the project with an interlude definitely caught my eye as quirky, yet perhaps it’s reflective of how 2020 itself has felt like one never-ending interlude. As the song continues, “The Rap Girl” reveals her inner truths, delivering witty phrases, a quarantine-made attitude, and praise for topics she finds important.

A sad-girl trap banger, “On for the Night” sounds like it needs a Swae Lee remix. With light hi-hats and a bass that rides smoothly, the chorus is like an anthem celebrating a late night, lost in a bottle, seeking answers. While the track definitely rides as a party banger, Daisha provides a sophisticated, uniting depth to the track by sprinkling in powerful thoughts that touch on prominent issues/causes from this year. This confidently includes the Black Lives Matter movement, with lyrics like “Justice for George Floyd, sometimes it feels like I can’t breathe.”

We all know this year has been tough. I never really get political because I hate the backlash it can come with. But I couldn’t let the year go by without speaking out about a few things. SO I present to you…my new EP “Hail of a Year” next Friday October 30th. Let’s get into some things. 👀🙏🏽🔥

Daisha McBride

Switching the energy up for a strong finale, “Black Queen” is a total flex track that reminisces on prominent milestones for the young rapper (particularly her recent feature in Forbes) and gives everyone a taste of some strong and proud black girl magic. With a snappy beat and precise flow, this is a track that’ll most likely be played more than once by any listener.

Photo by @peytoncdollar

EP Produced by Scify and BigBrunosBeats

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