On November 14, 2019, DaBaby dropped a nice and refreshing piece of content for his song “Bop”. The video took a spin on broadway’s historical piece of work “Hairspray”. Along with a similar styled setting, the use of dance and music with a bit more of a theatrical touch, put a nice spin onto the new video. Musical theatre and rap music are the last two things you would ever imagine coming together as nicely as they did in this video. The choreography within the music video was a perfect and well put together addition and was only enhanced by everyone involved in the video playing their roles so well. The best surprise in the video was having first season winners of the notorious “America’s Best Dance Crew”, the Jabbawakis, make a surprise appearance in the video. It is so nice to see new ideas coming through the industry and see more and more artists taking risks. The evolution of Hip-Hop is continuously growing and working towards becoming an even more universal sound for the world. DaBaby and his team really hit gold with this content idea and creates more excitement for the viewers to see what might be next.


– Majesty Rich

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