Classic Alt-Rock Gets Revitalized

Crossroad Crooks is an indie alt. rock trio based out of New Haven, CT. that has made it their mission to create a sound that reminiscent of iconic rock artists like Soundgarden, Alter Bridge, and Black Sabbath. Jedd Chlebowski helms the thundering bass, Mike Davis-Pinta equally tears up vocals and drums, while John Leonard doubles on guitar and as the band’s recording engineer. When referring to what brings them inspiration in their songs, they delve into a “myriad of complex topics in their music, ranging from family dynamics to some of life’s most devastating traumas.”

Their most recent single, “As She Was,” released February 24th, follows suit in their mission to draw inspiration from life events and draws deep emotion from the first notes. The swinging guitars almost evoke old country soul that sweep into drums that have a full mind of their own. The bass kicks up a solid pace under all the layers, and magically makes the band sound way larger than a three-piece unit. Tones of melodrama similar to Soundgarden come to the forefront as the lyrics tell a tale of memories of a love trapped in the timelessness of this tune and the soaring continues even higher. What’s most impressive is the not only the raw talent of these multi-instrumental kings, but the sound engineering. The production value and quality are so high, it’s exactly the work John that fuses all these incredibly strong ingredients together into the perfect, exciting, face melting curry of sound.

CT-based Crossroad Crooks are well loved for their electrifying live performances.

Originally set out to be a fun-based cover band project in 2017, the three realized they all had genuine talent and a passion for creating their own content and moved forward honing their talents and sounds completely originally. After discovering their drive to perform in the classic tones of Alter Bridge, Incubus, The Black Crowes, the band stands at the forefront of a new era in which they find themselves taking a huge step into the spotlight. Listeners can expect raw, authentic lyrics invigorated by electric energy and a big sound. Crossroad Crooks’ rock influence shines brilliantly through thunderous kick drums, face-melting guitar solos, and booming bass lines. Crossroad Crooks has played shows at a variety of notable venues all over Connecticut.

For anyone who loves impassioned rock vocals, tender vulnerability, and hearing tight, blistering unison riffs that leave you head-banging, this dynamic trio is non-negotiable. Go and catch a listen to their new 2022 single, “As She Was,” and catch up with their past music on Spotify.

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