ColourTelly Take Us To The “Darkside”

On January 28th, British electronic duo ColourTelly released their most recent single, “Darkside,” “a song about nothing much and everything in-between.” The hook of the song, “Love is all I have for you,” becomes incredibly eerie when paired with the instrumental ColourTelly has formed for “Darkside.” Full of neo-soul and electronic influence, as well as a subdued saxophone, ColourTelly has crafted something that is equal parts beautiful and haunting.

“Darkside” starts off with the line “Color never tasted so bright.” So right away, there are some surreal visuals being presented here. This is aided by the synthesizers in the background sounding more off-kilter than other tracks that use atmospheric synthesizers, and the addition of sleigh bells into the production gives a wintery feel to the eeriness. This is not a “Halloween” eerie. This is a “winter night where you see a silhouette moving through the snow and hoping you’re ok” type of eerie.


How I interpret this song is the electronic drone known as “Darkness” distorting a speaker who is trying to confess their love. There’s a vocal break at 1:50 which gives a bit more humanization to the piece, but the production does an astounding job of making it feel like the electronic elements are in control. Unlike Moonchild’s “The Truth,” which has a similar vibe, “Darkside” never has a moment longer than three seconds that feels innately human.

Overall, solid work from a solid duo. Check out “Darkside” below, and let us know what you think!

Andrew Gardner Administrator
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Andrew Gardner Administrator
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