The full Coachella 2020 line-up has been out for a couple weeks now, with fans speculating the quality of the line-up and their top artists to see. Last week, Rostr released “How The Agencies Ranked”, revealing which agencies are booking artists on the line-up.

📈 About the data – ROSTR tracks artist rosters & data for thousands of labels, mgmt co’s & agencies. We cross-referenced the Coachella ‘20 lineup with our data on which agencies represent each artist for the USA. See end for more info.

👉 Interactive report – Click on the charts to visit company profile on ROSTR. n.b. you’ll need an account to do that, if you don’t have one yet, request a free invite here.

Behind the Scenes of Booking Coachella…

Behind the scenes of the Coachella lineup poster: Rostr replaced every artist with the agency that books that artist for North America / USA.


Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 12.30.30 PM

⭐️ Paradigm have by far the largest share, representing 1 in 3 artists on the lineup.

⭐️ WME (16%) & CAA (13%) are next up. However, even added together their share doesn’t match Paradigm’s).

⭐️ UTA come in 4th with 9% of the lineup.

⭐️ Outside of the majors, SF based independents Liaison Artists have the highest share with 5%.

⭐️ Just 4 agencies – Paradigm, WME, CAA & UTA represent almost 75% of the lineup.

You can read a further analysis of the line-up booking data here. 

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