Chelle Blends Positive Messaging and Smooth R&B Vocals in “I Feel It”

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Seattle-based singer Chelle emerged as one of the most up-and-coming Lo-fi artists of 2020. Her passion for music began when she started performing in talents hows and singing in choirs in her childhood. It turned into a passion when she found escape in music, soon discovering that it helped her form her identity and who she wanted to be. Her smooth vocals accompany her lyrics to evoke a feeling of belonging within her listeners. She writes from her own experiences with the goal of making music that makes people happy and while attracting those who can relate with their own stories. Her passion for music

Chelle’s debut single, “I Know,” came out in 2019 and since then, the self-made artist has released several other singles and her first album, She Sings. This 9-track album showcases the kind of artist that Chelle strives to be, which is a blend of conscious R&B, lo-fi, and bedroom pop. She doesn’t limit herself to one type of music and loves experimenting with her style, which keeps her fans craving more of her unique sound.

“I Feel It” is the closing track from her album, which was released at the end of last year. It’s an uplifting song written about taking back your power and choosing to always be the best version of yourself. An electro-pop production underlines a jazzier vibe in the gliding main vocals and glistening vocalizations. Chelle maintains a confident tone in her voice as she sweeps through the lyrics. Her voice explores the importance of knowing your self-worth and sticking to knowing and trusting yourself. It’s a fun song with upbeat production and hopeful lyrics, closing the album on a highly positive note.

You can listen to the entire She Sings album below.

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