Charlotte Lawrence dips her toes into indie rock with her latest single “Morning”

Charlotte Lawrence

Charlotte Lawrence is a singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA. Many first heard of Charlotte from her single “Joke’s On You”, which was featured in the DC movie “Birds of Prey”. It has accumulated over 80 million streams on Spotify alone. Some of Charlotte’s other hits include “Slow Motion”, “Sleep Talking” from her EP Young and  “Why Do You Love Me” from her self-titled album Charlotte. Charlotte’s music can be summed up as the sound of emotion. Her songs explore her struggles with romance, anxiety, addiction, dependance and feeling lost. 

On 16, September 2022, Charlotte Lawrence released her latest single and music video “Morning”. For this release Charlotte has teamed up with Ben Gibbard and Andy Park from the band Death Cab For Cutie. The music video was directed by Jason Lester (Jack White, The War On Drugs, Ashe) and features appearances from Charlotte’s parents. 

Does she know all of your broken parts and secrets like I do?

Most of Charlotte’s music falls somewhere into the genre of dark pop. However her latest single “Morning” goes in a more indie rock direction wearing its Death Cab For Cutie influences on its sleeve. The song kicks off with a subdued drumbeat and a soft but driving electric guitar. As the first chorus begins the drums open up and a compliment of acoustic guitars and strings create a beautiful bed of sound for Charlotte’s voice. Charlotte’s vocal performance is intimate as she draws the listener into her heartache. As the last chorus swells in we also hear a violin harmonizing along with Charlotte as she shows off her high vocal range for added emotional impact. Overall “Morning” by Charlotte Lawrence is a tear jerker through and through.

If you enjoyed this track be sure to add it to your go to good cry playlists. Stay tuned to Glasse Factory for more music coverage!

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Dom Author
Musician, Bass extraordinaire

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