Celine Love Knows It’s Not Enough To Be A “Good Girl”

On February 2nd, British neo-soul and R&B artist Celine Love released her new track, “Good Girl,” which also happened to be the last single from her debut EP, Aquarius SZN. “Naming artists such as Alessia Cara, Lianne La Havas, and Ama Lou as her biggest inspirations, Celine draws from her combined influences, totally owning her brand of heartfelt R&B-Pop with Folk storytelling sensibilities.” I’m a simple man. I see Lianne La Havas mentioned as an influence, I listen to the song. 

“Good Girl” Single Artwork

I’ll keep this simple: the progression of this song is awesome. The vocals are amazing. Seriously, Celine Love’s voice could bring life back to the cold, dead hearts of some people. The instrumental on this track is astoundingly simplistic, and that allows those vocals to shine through. Not that the simplicity is a bad choice. “Celine recorded the vocals at home in her closet and her dad recorded the bass virtually.” Having a family member provide the second-most prominent instrument on the track is incredibly endearing, and it gives the song’s lyrics even more power.

On the song, Celine Love has said: “The inspiration behind this song was my desire to shed the ‘Good Girl’ image that has been almost imposed on me by my family, and in turn I always felt that’s the way I needed to be in order to be accepted. I’ve always been afraid of being judged, but this year has been a huge journey of self-love and growth and coming to terms with the fact that sometimes I’m not at my best – and that’s ok. I am an overthinking, people-pleasing, stubborn, either emotionally unavailable or far too available Aquarius and needed to own that! My hope is that my music inspires people to be more vulnerable about their struggles with people who care about them. It can be a great trait to not want to burden others but some people are happy to share the weight. Own your truth, be a good girl, be a bad girl or don’t be a girl at all. No one but yourself makes up the rules!”

Much like Love’s last single I reviewed (“Like You Like That,” which you can check out the review of here), “Good Girl” is a perfect hybrid of sensual and smooth, but unlike “Like You Like That,” “Good Girl” doesn’t feel too short. I’m left wanting more, but I know that more is not more of the same song. “Good Girl” is a finished whole, and it makes me want to listen to more Celine Love. Both of these tracks are incredible, though, and Celine Love deserves all your admiration and support.

Check out “Good Girl” below, and go check out Aquarius SZN as well! If “Good Girl” is any indication, it’s going to be incredible.

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Andrew Gardner Administrator
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