Cassidy Mann Releases Reminiscent “Tropical Sour Candy”

On April 1, Canadian singer-songwriter Cassidy Mann released her reminiscent newest single, “Tropical Sour Candy” available to stream on all platforms! Co-produced with friend Roman Clarke, Mann overlaps her acoustic roots with electronic on her EP “If It’s Not Forever” which is all about finding her sound. 

Mann’s song, “Tropical Sour Candy” is a catchy pop song that reflects on a past relationship and the sense of bittersweetness in a way. Mann thought of the inspiration for the song while sitting on her bed eating sour candy she once shared with a past partner. The title “Tropical Sour Candy” is an ode to the metaphor of sour candy seeming sweet, but can physically hurt you with too much consumption. This is a play on a seemingly sweet relationship and its toxic behaviors as Mann reminisces. 

Mann has been singing since she could talk, and her parents bought her a guitar for her ninth birthday. Mann says that she began taking songwriting more seriously, but in her teen years she was unsure what music would be to her. Struggling to blend her songwriting style with pop influences, Mann found it difficult to communicate her production goals. This resulted in Mann quickly picking production up on her own, and creating a version of her own vision. 

Mann brings us along her journey following a difficult breakup and her evolution and experience, but as her version of the relationship and her remembrance of the experiences. It evokes feelings of past relationships one can easily connect with and the sense of vulnerability in a breakup is comforting to understand one isn’t alone. 

Stream “Tropical Sour Candy” out now on all platforms!

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