Caroline Kingsbury Brings In The Joy With EP “Remixes From Heaven” and “Massive Escape (Arlie Remix)”

A few more days and it’s almost the month of June. Which means we’ve finally reached summer territory. We can finally exhale now and look forward to the warm and sunny goodness we’ve been daydreaming of. A time to unwind because all work and no play, makes Jack and Jill dull kids on the block. Not so fast though, because just like a ninja in waiting. The month of May yanks us a tad bit, uttering the words “not so fast!”, providing us with a last-minute surprise via the music Gods. 

So, what’s it then? A box chock full of goodies? Close enough because this one’s from LA queer indie-rock darling Caroline Kingsbury. Where she announced the release of her upcoming Remix EP “Remixes From Heaven” this June 10th. To add to the anticipation of it all, the song “Massive Escape (Arlie Remix)” was unleashed to the public in all platforms May 20th. While these are more than enough to get us screaming “oh yeah!” in a fever pitch in a mosh pit. She isn’t resting just yet because as we speak, she is currently on a US tour that kicked off May 7th in Portland Oregon at the Polaris Hall. Before we go over all the details, let’s take a moment to pick up our jaws that’s been on the floor for quite some time now. 1.2.3…

Taking a closer look at “Remixes From Heaven”, this is an album consisting of remixes of her songs from her debut hit “Heaven’s Just A Flight” circa 2021.  Both of which from the LA based label and management company Fortune Tellers. Sure, the word “remix” might be in title and all, but this isn’t your run of the mill type of deal. In fact, this is a cut above the rest because the tracks in this offering are all classy reinterpretations of her beloved pieces from her 16-piece masterpiece namely: “Hero (Piano Version)”, “Breaking Apart (Peter Matthew Bauer Remix)”, “Massive Escape (Arlie Remix)”, “U Take It Back (Guitar Version)”, and “Kissing Someone Else (Josh Lumsden Remix)”. If presaving is on your mind instead, then visit this pronto. 

As far as “Massive Escape (Arlie Remix)” goes, this one’s a retro inspired ballad from the soulful band Arlie and Caroline Kingsbury. Included in the upcoming “Remixes From Heaven”, this comes straight from the 80s. Wherein both acts combine to create musical perfection that could only be described as a mix of Journey sprinkled in with a heavy dose of Cyndi Lauper. A nostalgic trip that takes us back to a point in time where life was fairly simple. It’s an entry befitting of inclusion in timeless flicks such as Top Gun (1986), The Outsiders (1983) and The Breakfast Club (1985). 

When talking about live shows, here are the following dates to take note off: 

June 2 – New York, NY – Berlin 

June 9 – New York, NY – Berlin 

June 16 – New York, NY – Berlin 

For tickets and additional information, click on this link. You won’t want to miss this because these are one of kind gems that’ll leave you swooning. So, clear out those schedules and make way for these beauties. 

Can’t get enough of Caroline Kingsbury like we do? If so, head on over to her official website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts for more colorful content that’ll keep you smiling nonstop. 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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