Capital Theatre Bring Listeners on a Journey of Guidance and Answers in “Long Way to Fall”

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New Zealand trio Capital Theatre (Adam Stevenson, Paul Reid, Roy Oliver) channels the alternative-rock dynamism of bands such as Royal Blood and The Killers. Setting themselves apart from their predecessors, the three-piece amps up the energy with unprecedented musical experience and their powerful story-based take on modern rock. They spent the last year recording their debut album with legendary producer Mike Clink (Guns ‘N Roses) and are releasing the tracks throughout 2021 while also beginning work on their second album. This upcoming first album was inspired by the works of mythology guru Joseph Campbell, well known for guiding George Lucas in his development of the Star Wars series. The concept album caught the attention of Clink, who shares,

What attracted me to the project is that each song takes you on a journey delivered with conviction through the music and the lyrics. From pre-production through recording, we fine-tuned each song to capture those messages. While this album was technically challenging to record with distance and time changes, it did not diminish the quality. Paul, Adam and Roy, are a band of brothers and I enjoyed being on this journey with them.

Their latest release, “Long Way to Fall,” is their second single off of this album and sits at spot four on the track list. It explores themes of seeking guidance and answers, sacrificing love for a sense of duty and accepting that unknown consequences will come from answering the call to adventure.

The melodic piano intro and driving lead guitar lines really propel the idea that a quest or adventure has been embarked upon. With the powerful introduction, the song thrusts listeners into the energetic rock melodies that set forth this sonic journey. The feeling of venturous movement is emulated by the rhythmic drum beats. Polished vocals match the resonate production and as the chorus draws to the surface, the energy level continues to rise with a grand swell in instrumentals. The lyrics generously reference the theme, using numerous phrases that reflect exploration, both in this world and beyond. Prominent displays of the band’s rock tendencies are scattered throughout the track with instrumental solos, further driving the feeling of movement.

This track genuinely makes you feel as though you’re starring in your own adventure film. So if you have any playlists that are geared towards being the main character, this must be added.

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