Trinidad and Tobago-raised musician Calypso Rose releases a new single with Carlos Santana and Belize’s beloved The Garifuna Collective called “Watina.” Calypso pays homage to the Garifuna, Caribbeans scarred from slavery living not only in the United States but also in four Central American countries: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and the country that’s been inspiring her for 40 years, Belize. This song captures history, devastation but it also celebrates with specks of cheerfulness. “Watina” was an original local hit for The Garifuna Collective and Calypso was said to be the only person to recapture the crazy impact while still respecting Palacio’s legacy. Belize-born longtime producer for Calypso was also the “sound architect” for the late Andy Palacio. Any Palacio cofounded and led the Belize-based band The Garifuna Collective. Naturally, Calypso Rose was the best choice to release a monumental single.

“Calypso Rose is a goddess of música del Caribe: a person who offers her heart and changes peoples lives and destiny.’

Carlos Santana

She not only dropped a single with insane riffs from the featured legend, but she is dropping a whole new album called Forever in August 2022 via Because Music. This is her return into the music industry as an already made icon. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that she is 82 years old! Yasss queen, age cannot stop this talented musician from creating art. Forever will be filled with original material with a distinct modern approach. She has revisited some of her classic songs making this album timeless and suitable for any age. The album has fourteen tracks featuring Calypso’s old friends and new artists such as music legend Manu Chao, soca king Machel Montano, Jamaican dancehall icon Mr. Vegas, electro duo Synapson and Toulouse based rapper Oli.

Watina by Calypso Rose featuring Carlos Santana & The Garifuna Collective

Calypso Rose emerged in the 1960s with what was considered the epitome of Caribbean music. Her success started with songs like “Fire In Me Wire” played with legendary Bob Marley and The Wailers. She was crowned queen of the Trinidad Carnival’s climax Road March in 1977. Calypso was the first woman to ever win the Calypso Monarch contest in 1978. Her music has been spread all over the world and loved by all who hear it. Cherishing tradition, modernity and universality to showcase her messages to the listeners. A woman who just wants a better tomorrow. After all, we need a life that’s full of good music, kind-passionate people and positive vibes.

This beloved star has well earned her spot in the industry and us over at Glasse Factory cannot wait to hear the new album and whatever else she creates in this lifetime. Check out the Forever track list make sure listen to the album on August 26, 2022.

01. Watina (feat. Carlos Santana & The Garifuna Collective) 
02. Hotter Than Ever
 03. Do Them Back 
04. Everybody Rocking 
05. Outside Man 
06. Young Boy (feat. Machel Montano)
 07. Soca Feeling Nice
 08. One by One (feat. Kobo Town & Mr. Vegas)
 09. Feel Like Dancing 
10. Rock The Boat 
11. Never Ever Worry 
12. Pallet Mama 
13. Gramma Martha 
14. Feeling Nice 

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ToniAnn Romeo Author
Follow my socials or feel free to tag me if you post my reviews! Insta:toniann_romeo Twitter:toniannromeo_

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