BYRN Finds Her Most Honest Self in “Light On”

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BYRN is an alias for the Brooklyn-based female artist Amber Louros. She writes, sings, produces and engineers her songs into a melancholy electro-pop landscape. With influences ranging from FKA Twigs to Robyn, BYRN straddles a line between indie emotive depression and sparkling synth-pop, always inducing a hint of beauty, truth, and sultry nostalgia.

“Light On” is her latest single in which she navigates her way through the perceived duplicity between her outer facade and her deeper, more natural impulses. She dives into the stigma surrounding a woman’s desire and sexual authenticity, creating a love story in which she finds and covets her most honest self. She delivers her message with a slower, chill-pop, dreampop vibe, creating a sensual experience to mirror her message.

The song starts off with reverbing synths and selective vocals, establishing a base beat that carries a dark tonality through the rest of the song. As BYRN begins to sing, the reverbs give way to a lighter, traveling synth which underlines the airy vocals. More electronic and synthetic elements are introduced as the song continues, adding more complex layers to the production, paralleling the message behind her mesmerizing vocals. Reverb is reintroduced, ethereal vocalizations and unapologetic statements stack with the main vocals, and flourescent synths take over towards the end.

As the song progresses, BYRN gains more confidence in her lyrics and her tone. She’s no longer putting others first and is instead focusing on herself. She’s no longer losing herself to people who end up leaving. She’s figuring out new things about herself, which she continues to embrace. In this day and age, any woman who is self-assured and self-loving is a force to be reckoned with, and it’s clear that BYRN is exactly that.

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