Boslen’s “Fallen Star” Out Now

Fallen stars are a natural occurrence in this game called life. Whether meant metaphorically or literally, it’s a phenomenon we’re oh so familiar with. While that may be the case, we usually use this term for a lack of a better word to describe something negative. Which is a pity, because just like everything that exists this has a positive side to it too (like the rest of us). 

Where to start? Well, there’s the magical “fallen stars grant us a wish” angle. But then, there are genre blurring artists like Boslen who in the same vein as Vincent Van Goh desire to redefine “fallen star”. As Vincent is to “Starry Starry Night”, Boslen proceeds to unleash his single “Fallen Star”. A rap track so overwhelmingly enticing, that you just can’t help but sing with it at all times. Spontaneous karaoke sessions, here we come! 

Released last April 29th via Capitol Records and Chaos Club Digital. Boslen’s “Fallen Star”, was produced as well as features the stellar Y2K and is currently available in all major platforms. To add all this glitz and glamour, this tune is coupled with a lyric video that will get you dreaming in an instant. Mind you, it could happen with your eyes wide open. 

As for the single itself, this Vancouver native made sure that it’s listeners would leave the room falling in love with life ten times over. Even though it only runs for 2 minutes and 32 seconds, the time given was more than enough to leave a lasting impact. Speaking to you in a personal level, that no matter how bad life may get as if unraveling like an onion. Things are bound to get better in the end, it always does because at the next of the day all these are just challenges to prepare us for our next chapter. Sure no one knows what that is, but one thing remains and that’s you’ll be in better place than where you are now. The caveat of it all though is that you’re willing to work hard, and of course dream on and wish on the “fallen star”. 

While all this may seem Disneyesque to the ears, this current offering is a portrait of Boslen’s life. From a youngster in Vancouver trying to navigate his beautiful and often times strange city. He rose through the ranks slowly but surely in 2018, right when he dropped out of school and moved to the north side. There he released the stunning Motionless and Motionless II mixtapes, which was then followed up by a 2019 with in-your-face tracks like “Eye for an Eye” and “Hidden Nights,”. Since then, as the saying goes the rest is history. Not the one you find in textbooks though, but a tale of an individual who stood up and did his thing despite the odds thrown at him. 

Craving for more Boslen? The feeling is mutual! So come on down and visit the official website, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube accounts for more content that’ll get the heart pumping through the roof. 

Up, up and away we go! 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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