Blu Detiger brings the disco party to San Francisco in her first ever headline tour

Photo credit: Christina Bryson

On 17 November 2022, August Hall in San Francisco CA hosted Blu Detiger’s first ever headline tour. The attention to detail was Blu through and through. The hall was lit with blue lights and the signature cocktail for the evening was named “Cotton Candy Lemonade” after one of Blu’s songs.

The show was opened up by performances by Ryan Woods and Tiffany Day. Ryan Woods and his band delivered some energetic indie rock with soaring tenor vocals. Many of his songs revolved around the everyday struggles of a generation struggling with interpersonal connections. Tiffany Day’s set featured predominantly indie pop songs which showed off her singing prowess. Her songs covered a range of themes from growing up to moving on after difficult life experiences.

“Have any of you guys ever been through a breakup? But you know after you are like, ‘Damn I just went through all that shit. But I’m a better person’…”

-Tiffany Day

As the crowd waited impatiently for Blu to take the stage her brother Rex calmly took his throne behind the drum kit. After a brief pause the entire building shook with the low rumble of a bass guitar as Blu Detiger skipped onto the stage wielding her sparkly blue bass. 

Blu’s set featured performances of most of her discography including a surprise cover of “Electric Feel” by MGMT. The chemistry between her and Rex brought a wonderful live energy to the songs as the drums thundered through the venue and Blu’s bass shook the shoes of the crowd. Blu was constantly interacting with the crowd throughout her set and it felt like watching one of your friends perform on a big stage. Blu gave the sense that everyone in the room was sharing in her success. About midway through the set Blu asked if anyone in the audience played bass and invited one lucky fan to come up on stage and jam with her.

“This is my first headline tour ever…. I came out with an EP during the pandemic and it’s because of you guys that I’m here right now…”

“This is my first headline tour ever…. I came out with an EP during the pandemic and it’s because of you guys that I’m here right now…”

-Blu Detiger

At several points in her set Blu also treated the crowd to some of her excellent guitar playing. During one such occasion she gave a heartfelt performance of “Kinda Miss You”. As the Blu Detiger set was nearing its end fans noticed that there was a song that hadn’t been played yet. As Blu and her band exited the stage most of the crowd knew what was coming and started cheering for the encore. Blu then ran back on stage as the baseline to “Vintage” shook the floor to end the night with a bang.

Next time you are in the mood for some funky disco indie pop music with some truly incredible bass playing be sure to give Blu Detiger a spin.  We hope to catch Blu next time she is on tour! Until next time don’t forget to always hold the door.

Dom Author
Musician, Bass extraordinaire
Dom Author
Musician, Bass extraordinaire

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