Ben Copperhead’s “Moon Rabbit” Takes Listeners on an Out-of-This-World Experience

Flying cats, techno-folk music and satirical takes on human space exploration: What more could a person ask for? 

The uniquely strange, multi-talented instrumentalist, Ben Copperhead provides all of that in the video for his newest single, “Moon Rabbit.” 

The trippy, sci-fi, stop-motion animated video can be watched here: 

The video opens up with a strange techno beat and an image of the moon. Soon, small objects including a paper eye and a star come out of a crater and start moving. Then, there is a cut to a tight shot of Copperhead in a dark room as he asks, “Ever heard of the rabbit?”

It’s an ominous start to the video that sets up the peculiar nature of it and Copperhead’s work perfectly. 

“Moon Rabbit” and its video is something that could truly only come from the mind of Copperhead, and his hands are all over the project. The animation was done entirely by Copperhead. He is similarly responsible for the song’s composition, vocals, baritone guitar, drum machine and banjo. 

Copperhead manages to create a futuristic sci-fi experience while keeping in touch with the banjo-infused folk roots of his work. He is the master of creating strangely exciting and bizarrely beautiful work. 

In the electronic-folk track, Copperhead follows the story of a trickster rabbit that inhabits the moon. The story is inspired by East Asian and Indigenous American folklore and the full moon live shows Coppherhead would host on his Instagram during the pandemic. 

The song isn’t Copperhead’s first venture into animation. The “Moon Rabbit” video can be seen as a continuation of his stop-motion video for “Lunar X/Y” from his 2017 album, Serpent and the Sparrow, which can be watched here:

“Moon Rabbit” is a single from Copperhead’s recently released album, Wailing Viridescence. The ten-track LP represents a vulnerable personal growth journey and is filled with similarly eerily enchanting electro-folk masterpieces. 

To get engulfed in Copperhead’s strange world, follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and give the entire album a listen: 

I’m a journalist based in the Bay Area with a passion for writing about art, comedy and music.
I’m a journalist based in the Bay Area with a passion for writing about art, comedy and music.

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