Avision Really Knows How To “Bring It”

On March 25th, New York techno artist Avision released the Party Started EP featuring the track “Bring It.” The track is built around a vocal sample from Jamiroquai’s 1998 hit, “Deeper Underground,” and when I tell you I audibly screamed when I heard this sample, I’m not lying. As a massive Jamiroquai fan, this track hooked me right from the start. However, even for those of you who aren’t as diehard of fans, Avision has turned the vocal sample into a simple instrumental accent for an outstanding techno club banger. 

There is plenty to talk about on this track. The consistent synth stabs, the bass line, and the driving drums provide a club-ready danceability, and the vocal samples are timed just right to keep a listener hooked throughout the entire song outside of a club setting. In a club setting, this would crush. However, the fact that it also serves as an exciting casual listen is why it’s here right now. Avision perfectly times every musical element throughout the song. When it seems like the groove might stagnate, he’ll introduce something new that then seems integral even though it didn’t initially feel like anything was missing.

The most notable part – aside from the Jamiroquai sample, which completely took me off guard and thrust me into the world of the song – has to be the soft drop towards the end. Avision builds up a massive amount of tension in the listener over a 45-second period, and instead of ramping up into something over-the-top and bombastic, he resolves the tension by allowing the initial groove to return. It’s an excellent change of pace in the hard drop era, and I love how it ties into the song’s title and the vocal sample. Avision just brings it down.

“Bring It” is set to be the song of some techno clubs for the summer, and if it’s not, something is very wrong. It’s everything a techno song should be: it’s well-paced, danceable, and rooted ever-so-slightly in an acid jazz lineage that suits the groove. Yes, I’m still going on about the Jamiroquai sample. How could I not? 

Check out “Bring It” below, and let us know what you think!

Andrew Gardner Administrator
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Andrew Gardner Administrator
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