Ava Max: The “Million Dollar Baby” Out Now On All Streaming Platforms

2018 proved to be Ava Max’s gateway to success when she introduced the powerhouse single to powerful women, “Sweet But Psycho”– which boasted more than 3.5 billion stream globally. She make her mark and she made it fast, leaving the world wanting more from the RIAA multi-platinum certified pop princess. Following the undeniable smash hit “Maybe You’re The Problem” is “Million Dollar Baby“– a posh coated anthem off her upcoming album Diamonds and Dancefloors.

While keeping her elegance at the forefront, “Million Dollar Baby” intertwines diamond encrusted dignity with razor sharp sass, seamlessly fabricating the albums title in just 3 minutes. Imbedded with the fierce foundation of LeAnn Rimes’ “Can’t Fight The Moonlight,” Ava Max transformed “Million Dollar Baby” into a divine feminine anthem, whether she was aware of it or not.

The Albanian American pop star has displayed a pattern of turning the negatives into positive, turning “hard to handle” into “they’re not strong enough.” While still reading from that narrative, Max begins to read from her own script, her own story, her own battle with insecurity. “I titled it ‘Million Dollar Baby’ to remind myself of my self-worth,” says Max “and wrote the lyrics to show that you can overcome and achieve anything when you put your mind to it.”

With her voice on display, the track refocuses on her sheer, inimitable talent. Seamlessly and smooth, Max renders notes of aggression, perseverance, and attitude in a tone that feels sweetly sour. In ranges high and low she prevails throughout the track, leveraged by a glimmering beat that etches itself between each moment of clarity.

In an anthem that dismantles the patriarchy, while keeping your lipstick intact, Ava Max displays a level of songwriting we’ve never seen her conquer. Between lines like “she turns tears to diamonds/tryin’/to find that silver linin'” the track divorces pop and reconciles with introspection– while still keeping to her playful energy. While speaking as an outside source, “Million Dollar Baby” is a collection of feelings and thoughts from both our brain and hers, allowing the track to speak on behalf of herself and anyone who is trying to break out of fragility.

If you feel under-looked, under-appreciated, or in need of a pick-me-up, listen to the track here, now available on all streaming platforms.


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