Celebrating their tenth year since releasing Leveler, August Burns Red is on tour with other heavy metal players in the industry. One that Northern Californian locals have been looking forward to see, as well, are rising rock stars, Fit For A King, who have released their latest album The Path, and too, are celebrating its release via a tour. During the Aftershock Festival, Fit For A King had to cancel their performance due to illness. Anticipations to see these musicians all on tour together, including Like Moths to Flame and Erra, had never been higher.

On Thursday, October 14th, they and Like Moths To Flame and Erra joined forces at the UC Theatre in Berkeley, California for a special night on their tour. This theater is a fully independent non-profit organization supporting people in the music industry who are wanting to start out in this career field. Not only is the building itself layered with its own history, it is making great moves toward grappling the struggle in just starting out. One of the coolest offerings they have is a free, nine month internship program for anyone between the ages of 18-25 to learn what it takes to be in music.

Like Moths to Flame opened the event with a powerful beginning. Inspiring guests who came in to watch, they electrified the crowd with their energy.

I want you to grab someone from the edge of the room and start a circle pit. Get your cardio in. You can easily be the biggest one of the night so far because we were the first ones here.

~ Like Moths To Flame

Erra went up next, heavy breakdowns echoing through your bones as the melodic guitars came down pouring from the heavens. Clean vocals complimented the heavy, mosh-ridden, ones, and the crowd danced and raised their fists high in the air in triumph over their sound.

Fit For A King celebrated their first time playing as a band in the Bay Area. First formed in 2007, the Texas-based musicians just dropped their latest project, The Path, last year and are finally able to perform it live for its first run around the world.

The band shared songs new and old, including deeper tracks from the new album, which showcased their excitement to perform the new tracks and their passion for their new work. Each performer gave it their all, guitarist and bassist jumping nonstop to the heavy breakdowns. Lead vocalist broke things down with a thunder of a voice that filled you to your core.

August Burns Red concluded the night with a stronger performance than ever. Showcasing a wide range of melodic guitar and vocals, they played tracks from Leveler to celebrate their tenth year since it’s release world wide. The lasers struck the stage bright and proud and lead vocalist, Jake Luhrs, swung the microphone by its cord to the beat. The album logo hung proud in front of the band’s tapestry and changed colors with the lights. Each member of the band performed with a practiced ease.

Inspiring fans to embrace their own identities, to stick to the feelings in their guts, and to follow their dreams, the performance was an uplifting and inspiring one at that. As the heavy breakdowns coursed through the veins, they sang and pierced through the air with a tangible spirit that filled the audience with hope and peace.

It’s time to live your life and be yourself. You don’t have time to be someone else. I want to just exist. I want to live. I’m not going to wear a mask that hides who I really am.

~ August Burns Red

Stay tuned for more updates regarding August Burns Red, Fit For A King, Erra, and Like Moths To Flame! Tickets for the remainder of the tour can be found here.

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