When someone comes over to you and tells you that a guy in a wheelchair has been kicked out
of the venue for excessive moshing, you know you’re in for a crazy night.
A big bill for the show at Amager Bio, with headliners, As I Lay Dying, ripping into the audience
and taking no prisoners with their onslaught of growling vocals and rib shaking riffs… the walls
were moving.

Frontman, Tim Lambesis, spent the concert crouching over the steel steps at the front of the stage
and the audience stretched their arms out like caged animals, waiting to be fed. The dinner on this
occasion, growling lyrics and a constant flash of blinding lights on stage. They didn’t leave the
building hungry.
The band smashed their way through their archive of head pounding hits, such as, ‘Redifined’ and
‘Shaped By Fire’ and you could feel the screams of the audience echoing through the roof beams. It
wouldn’t have surprised me if the roof had caved in, but thankfully to the adoring fans, this was far
from happening.

This impressive venue never fails to deliver with the acts it brings and this show did nothing to
suggest it was ever really in doubt.
‘Through struggle’ broke the crowd into an eruption of delirium as Tim leaped through the air,
clutching his microphone and nearly smashing the floor beneath him. The band were on fire. Again,
no safety risk to the audience.
It takes a lot to whisk me away from my sofa on a Wednesday night, when i’ve been working straight
for weeks with no rest, but i’d give this day up every week if these guys were in town.
Grab a dusting of insane music, a splattering of chaos and a pinch of noise and you’ve baked
yourself a recipe for a cake of contentment. We await their return.
Support came from hyped deathcore act, Chelsea Grin. A band to warm up the crowd just before the
headliners and what a way to get them hot. An organised mess of screams and driving guitar riffs,
ripped through the venue.

These guys know how to put on a show and frontman, Tom Barber, gave the crowd a taste of what
was to come. Big crowd, big show… big performance.
Now let’s go shake off our hangover by grabbing a coffee with the guy in the wheelchair.


Pictures and coverage by Joseph Miller


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