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As a Dallas native and music therapist, Danny is a multi-talented musical wonder. Throughout the last several years, he has not only graduated from college and started working in a field dear to his heart, but he has also worked on various music projects.

I met Danny through connections at Seattle Pacific University, and we have managed to stay in contact ever since. During that time period, he was part of a couple of the bands on campus: Counter-Balance and Further North. Little did I know how involved he was in the creation process of the music.

“For each song, I spend time in the studio writing each part; then the band comes together and puts their own spin and collaborative effort into the work to make it their own,” he said excitedly.

One band, in particular, The Omega Man Collective, fulfills a deep post metalcore sound that I never realized I was craving until the latest album graced my ears. This collaborative effort, with him as the lead, was formed in his hometown while he attended high school. He began by stewing over a concept, then united a group of friends together to create an adaptation of his ideas. The latest concept, “Vermiform,” fills the air with catchy guitar riffs, skillfully played drums, and a unique variety of vocals and other instruments to discuss the concept of rebirth and processing grief.


Yes, his collaborative partners and friends know how to wield their instruments, but Danny deserves credit where credit is due. Hearing his vocals live while he strummed a guitar, you can easily imagine him being the kind of guy who desires to get his hands on any instrument.

The creative mind is something else—a blessing or a curse—where something gets stuck in your head until you are able to release it, and only then can you feel the release. Danny seems to be one of these creatives, discovering a creative itch to release a specific riff in his guitar, to sing about a specific concept, and through the effort and help of those around him, he can find peace.

Modestly, he will tell you he can only play two instruments. However, I was not surprised to hear that he’s learned more than that, including bass, ukulele, piano, melodica, and the synthesizer. Each project he has been involved in has many components, and the talent he and his bandmates display in them is something you will have to witness for yourself.


In his solo project, Gravespeak (which is also known as his studio alias) has stuck with him through many transitions in his life.

His latest single, “Canvas,” has been released on Valentine’s Day this year, discussing his love-hate relationship with being creative. Originally written in his college days, the original riff managed to stay through its many adaptations. Ultimately, his desire in this song was to meld acoustic with dark indie-electronica music, and he continued to “mish-mash” various written parts of the song together until it sounded right to him. And the message seemed to grow all the more relevant to him, as well as other creative minds around him.


“You can be the kind of person who loves being around others, but at the same time, have to seclude yourself to process all the surrounding emotions; and you can’t help but feel guilty, like a fake. I’ve realized over the years I have to just take off that mask and be okay with who I am; someone who gives so much of myself as a creative, giving to others, making connections, and try to paint a picture of how I see the world.”

He plans to release a new single every two months and hopes to perform his works sometime later in the year. Danny Garcia, no matter what he has up his sleeve or who he works with, is a guy you should be putting on your watchlist.


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  • Arella
    3 years ago Reply

    Very insightful read. Love learning about artists and the process. Being a creative for sure has it’s challenges.

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