Ari Abdul Brings The Heat With “Hush”

To hush someone or something could mean a myriad of things to different people. But no matter what reasoning that may be, the end result will always be to silence to other party whether for the time being or permanently. Cue in Simon and Garfunkel’s hit “The Sound Of Silence” echoing softly in the background. Kidding aside, the term “to hush” has that subtle dominatrix vibe to it because of how one imposes their will on another. 

That same tension and energy is present in Ari Abdul’s “Hush” released last October 7th via Slumbo Labs/ RCA Records. Available in all major streaming platforms and part of her debut record “Fallen Angel”. Ari’s new track is seductive and very bold with her intentions of being with someone. It’s not that simple though because it’s a tale of fatal attraction and obsession that’s been lingering for quite a while now. In fact, she’s been watching that certain person for some time now because as the lyrics would reveal they’re such a “pretty daydream”. To add fuel to the fire, she also adds that “you can’t escape me”, as if warning that she always gets what she wants no matter what. 

What gives “Hush” that extra attitude that’s just so irresistible is the point of view of which it is set. Rather than direct it to a specific source, that someone she strongly longs for in the song is directed straight at the listeners as she makes use of the pronoun “You” frequently.  Making this a role play that’s steaming hot even in the coldest days of the fall season and a cup of freshly brewed iced pumpkin spice latte combined.

This is evident not only in the words, but also in Ari’s delivery wherein she has that silky whispery voice giving that sense of intimacy all throughout. To add to that, the instrumental and the pulsating beat mimics her heartbeat giving her message more gravity. With all these elements playing together at the same time, it just can’t be helped to get so attached with this tune. So much so that you’ll want to keep it on repeat till the sun rises and back down again.  

Looking for more Ari Abdul? If so, then go ahead and check out her Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud,  TikTok, and YouTube accounts for more content that’ll get you at the edge of your seats. 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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