Apricus Creates a Sonic Paradox about Grief with “You Don’t Know”

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Apricus shows listeners that he’s ready to introduce himself to the music world with his debut single, “You Don’t Know.” It’s a dreamy indie track that carries calming rock vibes. But the energetic and upbeat production are juxtaposed by somber lyrics that draw from the artist’s own experience with grief.

Apricus is a Nashville-based indie rock act by singer and multi-instrumentalist, Will Mikkelson. Will began his career in the music industry as a producer and mixing engineer in 2014, working with local artists and musicians. Apricus was born in 2018 when Will felt compelled to return to his roots as a songwriter to process personal tragedy and life events. Influenced by artists like Coldplay, The National, Tame Impala, and The Killers, Apricus is also the project through which Will has been able to fill his obsessive 11-year dream to completely write, record, mix, and master all of his own material in his own studio.

“You Don’t Know” is about the morning he found out his best friend died in a tragic hiking accident. It is about the isolation that grief can often bring about and the paradoxical feeling that it is all you want to talk about but also the absolute last thing you want to talk about, all at the same time.

Soft drums, shimmering synths, and sparkling percussions create an airy atmosphere leading into the opening phrase, which is “Picture the morning sun…” and with the help of the instrumental production, it’s an image that easily comes to mind. But it’s not long before that image is flipped on its head – the moment grief enters. Will carries an emotive tone in his comforting vocals, all while the message behind the lyrics shatters your heart. He switches to a higher and softer tone as he enters the chorus, which then gives way to a verse accompanied by steady beats and smooth guitar strums. His voice picks up in the next chorus to match the rising instrumentals. The instrumental takes over – a driving melody of guitar and drums that circles back into the opening sequence.

The contrast between the lyrics and the production reflect the contrast Will felt while trying to process his grief. “You Don’t Know” is a song that not only tells a story, but makes you feel as though you are living that story. It’s a gift for an artist to open up their life for listeners to hear, and it’s even more of a blessing when they bring us into that life. Apricus has an outstanding debut single here, so I look forward to when he’s ready to share more with the world.

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