Anson Seabra is rising in the music world with his vivid sense of imagery and heartfelt messages. The Kansas City-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist that unlocks an escape in his music. Fittingly, “Welcome to Wonderland” was the first lyrical paradise Anson released and was promptly met with the open arms of TikTok and lovers of soft, heartfelt storytelling. The song amassed over 313K uses on TikTok and 94 million streams on Spotify to date. Anson also has a separate Instagram page (@advicewithanson) where he talks through his inner musings on mental health and gives advice on self-love.

Anson has grown his fanbase exponentially this year, with an impressive 4.6M+ listeners on Spotify and 726K+ subscribers on YouTube. Anson is currently support on Alec Benjamin’s 26-show, North American Fall Tour to promote the upcoming release of his EP Feeling For My Life. The tour kicked off on September 14th in Santa Cruz, CA and concluded on October 21st in Pomona, CA.

Most recently, Anson has painted all new universes with tracks like “Walked Through Hell” and “Keep Your Head Up Princess.” Both are found on his newest EP, Feeling For My Life, released on October 12th; which truly had its listeners pleasantly lost in Anson’s intricate lyrical stories of heartbreak and being stuck in your head.

The EP, produced by Anson himself, Dan Richards (One Direction, Rachel Platten, Anna Clendening & Loren Grey), Sam De Jong, and Jackson Foote (Loote), follows Anson through his tragic and endearing story of heartbreak, and of one’s struggles with self-esteem. Anson’s soothing and dreamy vocals encapsulate listeners on the first listen and delivers powerful messages of overcoming the worst.

The EP features nine tracks in total, including previous releases “Dominoes,” “Magazines,” and “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring.” It will also include a new track “Lucky Charms,” a collaboration with notable songwriter Amy Allen (Halsey, Harry Styles, Selena Gomez).

Anson describes Feeling For My Life as, “a record about finding myself, about putting into words and music the things that needed to be said for me and for no one else” and continues saying, “With each of the 9 tracks, I’m giving listeners a sense of what it’s like to live in the world as a highly sensitive person, of the highs and lows of being a young adult today. I hope that within every song my fans can find solace and a sense of peace in knowing they are not alone in their struggles.”

We chatted with Anson about his latest EP and thematic elements around his work.

In using imagery of fairytales throughout your work, how did these themes contrast with feelings of curating an escape versus journeying through self-discovery and heartbreak?

The reason I use so much fairytale imagery in my songs is because there’s something so… potent about fairytales. It’s like a form of escapism, but it’s not really an escape, because the more I begin to understand who I am, the more I realize that we’ve lost touch with the magical nature of reality. Because it’s really magic if you think about it. We are stuck and locked in to our nine-to-fives, paying our bills, and watching whatever is the newest Netflix series. There’s just this mundaneness, and I think the reason that people like fairytales so much is because you get a taste of this other worldliness and this magic. You can imagine a world in the what if’s and the wonders… what if we didn’t have all these mundane shackles, and what if everything was fresh and new, like when we were kids again?

I am so obsessed with that feeling. I’ve been trying to live my life that way but I also like giving other people a taste of it. And I think that’s the reason I use fairytale imagery so much in my songs. It can be cliche, and you definitely have to do it in the right way.

~ Anson Seabra

Rather than focusing on the escapism aspect and purely creating that release in his music, Anson takes his work onto the next level and to create an experience for others to listen to without falling into the cliche’s of skipping to the “happily ever after.” He brings back a little bit of the magic we all need in order to find hope and release in a real and relatable way, particularly in this new EP.

Listen to Feeling For My Life, available now on all streaming platforms:

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