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Considering the dearth of female DJs and EDM producers in today’s music scene, listeners should count themselves blessed that a talent like Alison Wonderland not only survives, but thrives. The Australian native is an accomplished singer, musician and mental health advocate — and all those skills are exemplified on her newest, gut-wrenching single, “Forever.”

Alison Wonderland has never shied away from tackling hard topics in her songs, like anxiety and depression. Yet with her upcoming album, Loner, she strived for something different — something emotionally stronger. As such, “Forever” feels less like a plea for help and more like a cathartic acceptance that, no matter how much turmoil someone goes through, there’s always a brighter day ahead. The base lyrics of the song, “And it will feel like forever / Until it doesn’t, I heard you say,” even refers to a real-life low point for the DJ, and how a conversation with a friend turned her perception around:

“That’s like a repeating line in the intro of my album. Is it will feel like forever until it doesn’t. It’s gonna be tough. But, I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. So this album was me being like, ‘Yeah, this is a very horrible thing that happened. You don’t have to feel sorry for me, I’m fine.'”

“Forever” is somehow an incredibly “vibe-y” song while also feeling very grounded. It starts with vocal effects that evoke Imogen Heap, before building up to a heightened emotional state not found outside of Adele’s music. There’s also an element of Billie Eilish, not just with Alison Wonderland’s occasionally-whispered singing, but also her arrangement. The song is electronica to its core, yet there’s a quality to the beats and effects that sound less alien and more human — more relatable.

There’s much to admire about Alison Wonderland’s new single, and a lot to look forward to with her new album — namely, that even when she’s reached rock bottom, the talented DJ manages to create music that can not only inspire and uplift herself, but also her listeners. Alison Wonderland’s album, Loner, will be released May 6 through EMI Music Australia. She is currently on tour until June 11. Take a listen and give a watch to her single, “Forever,” below!

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