The Allan Rayman Show Took Over Atlanta’s Vinyl Venue At Center Stage Theater

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As dusk was rolling in, eager faces walked down the sidewalks from all directions and trickled through the doors of the Vinyl venue at Center Stage Theater in Atlanta, GA on Tuesday, June 11th. Fitting the “theater” aspect of the name of the venue quite well, the stage was set up with a plain black back drop curtain and a neon fluorescent sign that read “The Allan Rayman Show.” Much to the audience’s surprise, the opening act of “The Allan Rayman Show” was not another musician but rather a magician, staying true to the theatrical theme of the evening. The unusual experience of having a magician as an opener seemed only fitting for such a theatrical artist such as Allan Rayman, keeping the audience’s energy level high and light hearted. The magician himself performed some entertaining street tricks while adding some dark humor to them that kept the crowd engaged and revved up for Allan to get on stage.

            With his head hanging low, Allan slowly walked onto a dimly lit stage in a room full of screaming fans setting the tone for the opening scene of the show for the evening. Standing there still, bright headlights from behind him suddenly flashed on blinding the audience feeling as if it were the headlights of a car driving directly towards them. A fan blew wind onto Allan’s face and the loud sound of an engine revving and driving filled the room giving the illusion on stage of Allan driving a car. After a few minutes of theatrics and monologue, the beat suddenly dropped as the lights flashed in strobe opening with the song Lucy The Tease.

            Moving through his albums and songs like a story brought to life, Alan incorporated   conversation like breakdowns in some songs with himself and another individual to add to the dramatic element of his dark mindset in lot of his music, which is what has been most enticing about him for a lot of his fans. Allan later brought out his “twin brother” (it was really just him in a hat) who apologized for his “messed up brother” and carried out singing through his newer albums with a new persona. Through the rest of the show, Allan performed small skits that tied into and related to his songs adding to the theatrical element of The Allan Rayman Show. His dark lyricism combined with the sultry rasp of his voice, prominent riffs of an electric guitar, blinding flashing lights, and smooth beats filled the smaller venue with a profoundly relaxed yet intimate energy for the night unlike any other.

  • Gabrielle Lasater

Photos by Ana Leonard

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