The perfect storm rolled into Miami on Thursday night.

Waiting eagerly for the doors to open, fans lined up outside for a chance to zoom to the front of the stage to get the closest spot. Fully crowded from top to bottom, throwing up XO signs and chants, attendees were pouring into the Fillmore Theater — awaiting the arrival of NAV. Once the clock struck eight, the lights shut off and Killy opened up the concert.

To set the night in the right tempo, Killy started off with his hits “Killamonjaro” and “No Sad No Bad”. Off the bat, the crowd was hyped and in tune for a great night ahead. Killy absolutely bought the right amount of heat for his performance and got the crowd just ready for NAV.

Patiently waiting for the next performance, DJ TJizzle hit the stage to add a little more kick, to see if the audience was ready for what they came here for tonight. Playing new hits from NLE Choppa and turn up classics like “Mo Bama” from Sheck Wes and “Stargazing” From Travis Scott. Just to tease them once more, he played “To My Grave” by NAV and the crowd erupted.

The signal was made and it was about that time.

NAV ran out onto the stage to match the hook of “To My Grave” and the whole crowd lost their mind. The energy in the building was unreachable. Everyone’s phones were lighting up the dark theater and people were dancing with any space they could find.

NAV continued to play songs off his new album “Bad Habits” as the night went on. Midway through the concert, the music had stopped and NAV took time to shout out his fellow rappers Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Durk asking the audience to wish them luck through their struggles and ongoing battles they may be facing.

The perfect timing had come and it only made sense to play his joint album with Metro Boomin. Songs like “Call me”, “Minute”, and “Hit” we’re played, as well his debut album “NAV”. Once “Mariah” was played, NAV had looked like he found someone he knew in the crowd and smiled so big.

As the concert came to an end, more of his featured songs with Travis Scott and The Weeknd were in play. He finished on a high note, showing love to his record label “XO” and playing the hottest song off his newest album “Tap” with Meek Mill.

The whole night was an amazing experience by far. NAV definitely showed up and gave his fans the night they were expecting and more. He raved to the crowd about their energy and you could see he enjoyed every second of performing that night.

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Coverage by Daniel A. Rivero

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