American pop-rock band first formed in 2011, Against The Current unveiled their latest project, fever; a seven-track EP birthed from the ashes of life in quarantine.

Against The Current have earned accolades and a faithful fan following with their brand of pop, rock, and indie sounds. Led by charismatic lead singer Chrissy Costanza, alongside Dan Gow (guitar, vocals) and Will Ferri (drums, keyboards, vocals), the band has established themselves as an original force all their own, bringing guitars and attitude back to the forefront of pop and crossing genres and styles with enough edge for rock crowds to chant along to. The group’s 2018 sophomore effort Past Lives was praised by Billboard for its “euphoric hooks” and garnered attention from the likes of prestigious publications.

The group has also built a massive social media audience, racking up more than two million YouTube subscribers and nearly 400 million views. Frontwoman Chrissy Costanza is a major online presence all her own with over one million Instagram followers and 1.6 million Facebook likes. The vocalist was also tapped to host VENN’s (Videogame Entertainment News Network) Guest House series, a weekly interactive discovery program showcasing gamers, celebrities, athletes, and musicians.

fever conquers the inner monologue in isolation, cutting off toxic connections, and creating a new definition for what the band stands for as they blend infectious electric guitar hooks with alluring vocals. The three piece band offered visuals with the album bathed in neon light and fire throughout the album, creating beautiful hues of blues and reds that contrast upon one another in shadow.

that won’t save us (official video)

Beginning the EP, “that won’t save us” begins with an electric guitar heavy intro and crisp vocals that soothe the ears. In the past, the band released countless pop-centric hits that helped them climb the ranks to their fame. This track, as the first single to their latest project, redefined their sound and gave their troubles in making a name for themselves a new voice and fresh beginning.

There was a lot of unraveling…a lot of strained relationships that needed to be cut… a lot of bridges that needed to be burnt and rebuilt. That whole time felt really dark. I remember there was a time at the end of the year after Past Lives, where I thought ‘this is our last run, this might be the last show.’ I didn’t know what was going to happen next. But we shed a lot of dead weight in 2019, and we started this path of regrowth, rebuilding and rebirth. ‘that won’t save us’ was the first time that I was able to talk about that feeling of what we had been doing wasn’t going to fix everything. And the fact that we didn’t need to fix it. It wasn’t just about shedding bad behaviors or bad relationships, it was about creating good ones and rebuilding a lot that we had burnt down (1).

~ Chrissy Costanza

As the first track in the fever EP, it surely signals the new beginning, and the new sound that has become the voice for the artists.

weapon (official video)

Next, “weapon,” plays on the self-destructive tendencies; especially those that have arisen as of late, in facing isolation and cutting off negative ties for the sake of one’s own health. Chrissy admits that she can be her own worst enemy, battling within herself and becoming her own harshest critic. In this track, she faces the dark side of herself, rightfully called “the devil,” and battles with it to find a new freedom.

The song’s meaning climaxes most in the chorus as it plays out:

“weapon” chorus

Visually, the music video of this track sequels the previous track in concept, blending beautifully from the three musicians standing in front of tall flame, panning out and transforming into a tv screen as the next track beginning plays. As she addresses the vices of self-destruction, flames burn bright behind her, in her palms, and other scenes play with her head submerged underwater as she holds a key.

again&again (official video)

The key appears again in the visual of “again&again,” as Chrissy wanders through an abandoned building seeking a way out. The visuals pair beautifully with the lyrics as she processes through her journey in breaking the cycle of bad habits that have led to toxic connections, dark patterns, and self-destructive behavior.

I wanted to encapsulate the maddening feeling of being trapped in a vicious cycle in your own head,and especially show that just because it’s all in your head, doesn’t at all detract from how real and potent that feeling can be (2).

~ Chrissy Costanza

jump (official video)

“jump” sequels the previous track in its flow and visuals smoothly. Chrissy looks at herself in the mirror after unlocking the door in the previous video. A moving track, it inspires its audience to conquer fear, journey through self-discovery, and to “not be afraid of wanting something more,” as mentioned in the chorus.


The next track, “shatter,” hones in on the vulnerable vocals as fear closes in its walls and leaves you feeling fragile. It’s as if the track states, “You’ve made it this far, and though you feel like your skin is made of glass, you won’t fall under the pressure.” The lyrics are raw and wide open, all while inspiring anyone who listens to keep pushing forward for the sake of desire and hope.

burn it down

Continuing along a similar theme as the previous track, “burn it down” conquers the topic of cutting off toxic connections for the sake of finding your own voice and your own way through life.


Concluding the EP, “lullaby,” begins with a emotionally-rich pop intro before breaking into an electric guitar rich chorus. The track’s message continues along a similar thread from the previous tracks, encouraging their audience to reach for the hope and the warmth, even when the world around is a nightmare.

Against The Current has redefined their own voice with a fresh pop-rock sound and an inspirational message of paving your own path and not breaking under the pressure throughout the fever EP. Filled with catchy guitar hooks and personal and meaningful lyrics, the album is short, sweet, and straight to the point as it battles against the darkness and offers a cathartic message driven in hope and drive for a better future.

Stay tuned for updates regarding Against The Current, and stream the album now, available on all listening platforms:

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