Our Top Acts of Aftershock, Day One: Rising Rockstars and Ultimate Legends

Sacramento, California welcomed more fans than ever before to the Aftershock stage with a warm beginning to the fall. The high noon sun blared on each stage by the beginning of the festival as fans were welcomed in with open arms.

Many great up-and-comers and rock legends shared the stage for day one. Here are the top acts that popped onto our radar.

Dead Sara, who has been opening for Demi Lovato’s HOLY FVCK tour, took to the Kolas stage and the lead vocals roared effortlessly throughout Discovery Park.

Taipei Houston – by Lexie Alley

San Francisco-based duo embraced their first time in Sacramento in stride with punchy bassline and fast-paced drum work.

About the performance, they commented:

We just had an amazing set. It was really fun to play today. It felt like an enchanted forest being surrounded by trees.

Crown The Empire – by Steve Thrasher

Crown The Empire offered infectious and heavy melodies on the Kolas stage. Each instrument that played shared an effortless ease in their sound.

Ice Nine Kills – by Steve Thrasher

Crisp vocals began Ice Nine Kills’ performance on the Kolas stage strong as they upped their performance with a full set of theatrics that set them apart from many. The heavy unclean vocals seeped in your bones in the audience. Severed heads decorated the stage as each band mate was donned in suits and stage weapons of their design. Each track had their own special and practiced performance, full with actors and their own scripted acts to share a darker nature to their cathartic works.

Nothing More – by Steve Thrasher

Just about to release their next, highly anticipated album, Spirits, Nothing More joined the Jack Daniel’s stage for a wildly interactive performance, including the famed scorpion tail, a mechanism custom for the band where lead vocalist showcases a wild display of electric guitar.

Movements were energetic and contagious from each member of the band; as they rocked the Aftershock stage for their third time. Bassist Daniel Oliver commented about the performance:

This festival was one of the first, big music industry things that bubbled up. We were the first band on the smallest stage on the first day, and Danny Wimmer came and saw us. As hot and brutal as it is to play here every time, this will always be the most special festival ever for us.

POORSTACY – by Lexie Alley

POORSTACY threw every bit of his energy into the performance. Screams felt heavier and fueled the fire that raged within as he shared his heart on stage for all to witness.

And speaking of throwing every fiber of their being onstage, Royal & The Serpent did not disappoint as they took the DWP stage. Fans were able to witness unreleased works for the first time, and each movement Royal made felt effortless and flowed seamlessly with each sound that poured from the instruments the band played.

Sharing the release of “Love Abuser,” out today on all listening platforms, Royal commented:

It’s probably my favorite song I’ve ever written and I really f***ing hope you like it.

Evanescence – by Steve Thrasher

Evanescence is a rock legend, to say the least. No matter what angle you listen from, Amy Lee’s vocals fill the ears with perfectly practiced melodies and a range unlike anything you’ll ever hear before. As the sun began to set, and the cool winds danced and cooled the sweat from our backs, Amy said, “Darkness is coming,” and the response was a roar from the crowd.

Rob Zombie – by Steve Thrasher

Rob Zombie, as an Aftershock veteran, shared a dedicated crowd as thousands packed in close to witness the unique rage and energy that the band brought along with them. Red lights bathed the stage and each sound thundered in our ears as many fans smiled from ear to ear throughout the entire set.

And all at last, Slipknot joined the Jack Daniels stage. Performers at all sides decorated each layer of the stage, and no matter where you looked on that stage, you saw each member giving it their all.

The nearly full moon shone brightly in the background, and pyrotechnics glimmered on stage seemingly every moment. And the crowd roared louder than ever before…

It feels like music to my ears to hear you… like breathing silver.

What was your favorite act from day one? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more updates about Aftershock!

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