The last day of this year’s Aftershock Festival kicked off strong with a blend of fan favorites and the biggest crowd of the weekend. Here are some of our favorite moments from the day’s events!

Photo Credits: Steve Thrasher

Steel Panther filled the KOLAS stage at the far end of Discovery Park with an excited crowd. Wearing ripped up Gojira merch, this band’s wild colors, headbands, brightly colored patterned tights, and tiger stripe guitars electrified the audience. Though the project’s first EP was in ’03, they lived and breathed eighties rock and roll hair metal as they laid out ice cold burns in their commentary and were met with lots of laughter due to their wild personalities and even wilder sets of skills at performing. Their commentary merely added to the experience all the more as the lyrics of the music were not only catchy but you couldn’t help but giggle as you sang along.

Photo Credits: Steve Thrasher

Next, taking the Jack Daniel’s stage, Black Veil Brides were met with a wild crowd that pressed in close, eager to make eye contact with each member of the band. The lead vocalist, Andy Black, electrified their fans by doing just that, smiling, and pointing out at each member of the crowd as he sang.

Thank you very much for keeping rock and roll alive. It is not dead and it’d thanks to you guys we can keep on doing this thing.

~ Black Veil Brides

In This Moment sucked you in to experience with the band. A performance rich in dark symbolism, colors of red, black, and white dominated the intentional patterns and design of the stage as each member of the band wore costumes themed to each song that was performed. Maria Brink entered the stage in a cloak of white as two backup dancers complimented her in a series of dance.

The entire performance was not just an impressive one, but a whole experience that pulled you deeply in to not just witness but to be fully a part of.

And concluding her performance, Maria climbed on a pedestal freshly rolled onstage, her backup dancers wearing a white cap and red cloak, heads down, as if they were characters in The Handmaid’s Tale. It was then that Maria spoke and interacted most with her fans, inspiring them to go crazy and that she could be a catalyst for releasing the negative energy, the pain and the heartbreak, all onto her. She spoke love and words of catharsis to her fans who watched her intently. She concluded her performance with fan favorite, “Whore,” after speaking a message to inspire love and peace despite everything we have faced.

Everything that has been holding you down for the last two years. I want you to unleash it on me. The last song we have for you is about rising up despite other people’s expectations, of all the things that people wish we should be. So if I can inspire you during all of this hate and turn it into love, then I am proud to say to you, Aftershock. I will be your w***e.

~ In This Moment

Photo Credits: Lexie Alley

grandson took to the Coor’s Light stage wearing a Mac Miller band tee and jeans. His energy radiated throughout the audience as they listened intently. Each back track that played hit so hard you could feel it in your being as he rocked us to our core.

For the next half an hour you are grandson. It’s not a person, it’s an ideology. I missed rock and roll so f***ing badly, and from this moment on, you too can be a part of this world. Anti-hate, pro love and life.

~ grandson

Photo Credits: Steve Thrasher

Mastodon started their set early to draw in the crowd to the KOLAS stage. We watched a rush of people herd themselves in and joined them to witness the metal heavy-hitters in their reunion to the stage. Multi-Grammy award nominees in hard rock and metal, their performance was well practiced and stood through the test of time over the last twenty years since their start in the music industry.

Photo Credits: Lexie Alley

Yelawolf wore a leather sailor cap, red suspenders, and a tank top, standing out from other performers in his attire as he interacted with the crowd and climbed all over the front of the flame-painted classic car that doubled as his DJ’s turn table station.

Photo Credits: Steve Thrasher

Just before the headliner, Rise Against played fan favorites that audience members sang loud and proud. Their sound radiated across the length of the park and inspired all who were seated and enjoying their meals to hurry themselves and join on in.

Photo Credits: Steve Thrasher

Concluding the four-day festival, Metallica‘s second performance of the weekend indeed did play the Black album in its entirety, the one that changed their entire world as they knew it thirty years ago. Just before the set, excited fans were sucked in to the pit and pushed closer to the stage. In just a chain reaction from a few people, more and more people started pushing until we were merely ten body lengths from the stage, and the members of the bands could easily be made out over their heads. Fireworks roared as they bursted from the top of the massive stage, pyrotechnics warming us from the cold. Fans sang along to every word and swayed, shoulder to shoulder and united with strangers.

Lead vocalist took a moment before the last leg of their performance to interact with the crowd.

“It’s Sunday… Right? I hope we are not the last band! We are? No pressure, right?” The commentary was met with a roar of laughter. “We are here here at the after-shave festival…”

The audience replied with more laughter.

” They told me not to say after-shave… I couldn’t help it. I’m just sixteen inside an older man’s body. But we are super thankful to have had you here and hope you enjoyed this weekend as much as we have.”

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Aftershock Festival and Danny Wimmer Presents!

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