Shows are being reintroduced with a new fire and energy backing it. On Saturday, August 7th, local Sacramento bands join forces for a powerful lineup of rock and metal alike at the famed Holy Diver stage, a “no-frills institution providing an intimate venue for nightly live music, cocktails & draft brews.”

Check out the gallery of the performance; as well as a few words we had to say about the artists that have risen on our radar!

Lost Things joined the stage with a force of reckoning. A power of uniting as the crowd moshed together and stood together crowded under the same force of energy. Together. They sang of hope and peace as we face this darkness and separation. The isolation. And changed the atmosphere with their words.

There are more things that unite you than separate you. Masks. No masks. Vaccinated. Not. The color of your skin. Fear sells. We need to look past the fear and the things that separate us. Stop buying into the fear and what’s presented to you. Focus on what unites you. The love that’s inside of you. The joy that’s inside of you. You all have more in common than you think that unites you as the human race.

The band recently dropped a new six-song EP, Dead God; offering powerful messages in these unique times we live in that inspire unity and peace within the mind.

Yunger entered the stage next. The post-hardcore band offers an intense, modern, yet nostalgic balance of alternative and grunge blending into their sound. With their melodic verses, you’re immediately roped into their sound. Each chorus progresses with a blend of heavier vocals and an overall sound that will send anyone moving to their feet to join into the experience of sound.

Their sound permeated through the atmosphere with a sound that sent you soaring through the crowd with a renewed sense of being. The soaring vocals too pulled you through the stories they sang as they filled the venue to the brim with fans new and old.

And headlining, A Foreign Affair showcased their greatest hits, new and old, with a new EP written mid-pandemic and performed for the very first time live. The alternative rock band compromises of angelically clean vocals of Alex Strobaugh, the tasteful lead guitar of Jared Cambridge, the rhythmic guitar of Nick Blevins, the soulful and punchy bass lines from Jordan Hoover, and the hard-hitting and entertaining drums of Joe Iuele.

The venue was packed to the brim at that point, where fans screamed along to their favorite lyrics, eyes gripped to the stage imbued with fog, UV light, and band members glowing as they moved across the stage.

It was strange but felt oh, so good to be back onstage.

~ Joe Iuele | drums

The night seemed to glow with hope after the night was done. Stay tuned for more updates on A Foreign Affair and The Holy Diver.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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