Adrian Miller Supervises Music in New Season of “Wu-Tang: An American Saga”

Wu Tang: An American Saga debuted on Hulu in 2019, created by RZA, Wu-Tang Clan’s founding member, and Alex Tse, American screenwriter. They have brought Adrian L. Miller, acclaimed music executive, manager, and producer as the Music Supervisor for season three of the hit series. The biographical drama tells the story of the formation of the Wu-Tang Clan, and its final series is currently streaming on Hulu. 

 “Adrian Miller was a valuable asset to our team during the production of season three. His skill set along with his tenacity and leadership guided the music supervision team to finish strong not only on time but on budget. He’s a multifaceted leader who will find the successful path in any endeavor he engages in. We can’t thank him enough.”


Miller curated the soundtrack of the new season with real-world events in mind. He was purposeful in scoring music that is part of this day and age’s daily living soundtrack. Working with the team was exciting for Miller. He was happy revisit the history of Wu-Tang Clan’s music and story for the show.

“This music is our legacy – and an additional character in each episode… It’s not often we get a chance to use songs that artists have created, while showing the inspiration and engineering that accompanies each song’s production. It’s exciting to see that come full circle.” 

Adrian Miller

Miller is experienced in music supervision, having graced the soundtrack of Friday, Waist Deep, Cut Throat City, and Judgement Night, discussed by Miller during an episode of the Gold Rush podcast. As the founder of Xyion Inc. and co-owning multiple record labels, Adrian Miller is one of the most influential contemporary music executives and business strategists in the industry. He began his career in radio at KBLK in Tulsa, then moved to LA to work with esteemed artists, such as Outkast, and grammy winners such as Anderson .Paak. He prioritizes community, creating “The Adrian M. Miller Conservatory in Frequency & Harmony, a study of Music Entertainment” program and scholarship at Livingstone College and serving on the advisory board of the Universal Hip Hop Museum in Bronx.

Photo credit: Kirk D. McKoy

Miller’s mantra, “always looking for the perfect beat,” resonates with this new project. He is the ideal candidate for the job, with the experience and eye for impact to make the final season of Wu Tang: An American Saga sound as fascinating as it deserves to. Stream Wu Tang: An American Saga on Hulu and follow Adrian Miller’s dedicated career here. 

Haven Capone Author
I love listening to folk and laughing until I cry.
Haven Capone Author
I love listening to folk and laughing until I cry.

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