I listen to a lot of music. Like a lot of music…. I eat that shit like Fruity Pebbles on a Saturday morning. I don’t consider myself an elitist music snob, I like what’s good. Slayer’s Reign In Blood is a tremendous record. So is Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream… that one’ll get ya. Radiohead is a favorite of mine, as is the wily avant- grade classical noise of Philip Glass. I am a huge proponent of Aphex Twin.. The newest Bonobo and L7 are currently on my playlist. I’m also a more than average fan of Bob Seger. Bob Seger you say? Why yes…. Fucking Bob Seger…I was listening to Mr. Seger today and loving on the nostalgia of Night Moves. That simple three chord extravaganza of what it’s like being an awkward teen in the Midwest. The rebel’s balladry and fuck off of Against the Wind. And the heart-wrenching Seger-ish, I need some water after sex rasp of “We’ve Got Tonight”.

What a three song set…And then, as if my 40 year old frame were a giddy 15 year old school boy… the guitar riff to “Mainstreet” sends goose bumps to nether regions of my body. That riff is as underrated as they come, smooth as obsidian glass, or shit from a ducks ass, or Keanu Reeves walking in slow motion. That riff is courtesy of Pete Carr from the famed Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section.

That song and that album, Night Moves, tells a forgotten story of small town America. One before technology, an ode to being truly free as only a high school teen with zero responsibility can feel on a weekend night. Watching a girl dance  in front of a dive bar window.

“And the poolhalls, the hustlers, and the losers

Used to watch em through the glass

Well I’d stand outside at closin time

Just to watch her walk on past”

…..borderline stalkerish, but everyone reading this had some person in their life whose pheromones made them do crazy shit. Bob Seger is the shit… giving me all the feels…. that bastard how dare he make me feel emotion. What the shit…Dammit Seger….take your Chevy commercials and “Like A Rock” bullshit and shove it up your ass….….I’m just kidding sir. You’re a tremendous songwriter and I wish you all the best on your farewell tour.

  • Brian Furman

For more on Bon Seger and his final tour check out:


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