I had high expectations for Ecliptic Vision coming off of their 2017 EP Omphalos of the Void, which for me was perfection as far as metal albums go. The band, known for brutal, groove filled death metal have slowly made a name for themselves in the New York metal scene. So when I finally received my advance copy of their self-titled, second studio release, I was anxious to hear what they had been working on this past year.

What we ended up with was an evolution of our music that incorporates many new elements that we haven’t exercised before while maintaining and showcasing the signature groove and sound that we have come to be known for.

— Vincent Lawyer (Drums)

The Album begins with an ominous intro track and then immediately explodes into “Anthropophage”, a song that wastes no time getting down to business. Waves of heavy sound crash upon my ear drums and they don’t relent for almost 5 minutes. It’s a song that continues to grow on me and I find myself practically slamming my face into my steering wheel as soon as the song starts.

Ecliptic Vision continues with “Cosmicosm” as song that utilizes something that I call riding the riff, if you listen you will notice it around the 49 second mark. It’s distinct, as the song kicks into a flow of sound that makes me feel like I am shifting a really fast car into fifth gear and stomping on the pedal as I cruise down some central New York back road. These songs collectively have all the usual ingredients that make death metal so wonderful, yet the recipe is not overly complex and easily digestible for your average metal fan. The album features brutal and memorable riffs on songs like “Fear the Horizon,” along with crushing breakdowns on “Lobotomizer” and “Cephalic Anomaly”.

The heavy groove and rhythm present in our music is such an integral aspect of what forms out sound. and throughout the writing of this record, we made that one of our main focal points of inspiration

— Vincent Lawyer

“Dark Flow Remnants” might be my favorite track on the album. For me, It showcases the collective talents of each member in one glorious song. Precise and “machine like” drumming balanced by head thumping, deep bass lines. Guttural vocals that seem to chew the listener up and spit them out. It not only transitions flawlessly from brutal to atmospheric but the song even has time for an amazing guitar solo, something I feel like EV should do more often.

The album closes out with Alientity, a fitting finish to a solid and wonderful album. I don’t want to use the word “Fun” to describe the songs vibe but it feels as if the band collectively just decided to rock the fuck out together, as a send off for listeners. Overall, this is another great step forward in the evolution of Ecliptic Vision. For a third studio release, It’s easy to take this level of consistency for granted, considering how many times other bands have failed both trying to experiment and trying to “maintain a sound,” but EV does it perfectly once again. They remain true to what makes them who they are and yet they continue to progress in such a way that true fans can see them as innovators of sound.

  • Derek Jones

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