Deerhunter – American indie rock band – visited Copenhagen on the tour promoting their latest record ‘Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?’. The show organized by Smash!Bang!Pow! took place in Pumpehuset on first June Monday evening.

For the show in Copenhagen Deerhunter have invited a special guest – Cate Le Bon with her band. The Welsh artist started her performance in venue slowly getting filled. Slow, melancholic music filled in the venue with the sound of saxophone and the band soaked in the red light playing the first song of the night ‘Miami’. The show continued and the fans were arriving to the venue. Cate provided very nice and intimate performance finished with ‘Meet the Man’ and gratitude to the fans who came early to see her performance.

Shortly after 9PM the band led by Bradford Cox hidden in the darkness entered the stage. Deerhunter’s leader approached the stage front and started to produce the sound – the voice coming from the microphone was processed by many effects what in the final effect created an ambient sound, with the rest of the band slowly joining the intro which smoothly transformed into ‘Cryptograms’. Bradford hiding behind the sunglasses like a Doc from ‘Back to the Future’ took over the guitar and started to generate a bunch of funny noises, stomping on the effect switches and creating a psychedelic sounds flying across the venue. He then quickly switched guitar to tambourine to focus only on the mic stand after short moment. The whole psychedelic spectacle has been completed with the lights perfectly fitting the mood of the concert. Two big strobe lamps set on the both sides of the stage were filling in the darkness in the club accompanying the pace of the songs. The whole crazy show was closed with shoegaze-like ‘Monomania’.

Deerhunter provided a nice mixture of new and old songs and with the setlist consisting of seventeen songs each of the fans completely filling the venue found something they liked. The band is definitely worth seeing live – the show they have provided was one of a kind and it was easy to see that not only fans are enjoying these music experiments.

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Coverage by Kasper Pasinski

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