If you’re panicking about what to buy in anticipation of your favorite camping festival this summer, worry no more – we’re sharing our best festival finds of the season to help you prepare with as many necessities and amenities as possible.

1. Reliable + Transformable Shelter

Cost: $59.99

Camping Tent 2-3 Person

Automatic Instant Pop Up Waterproof Camping Hiking Travel Beach Tents for Family Groups

Bonus: You can easily remove the canopy on top to create a shaded space to relax in the sun.

2. Don’t Blow Up Your Mattress Yourself

Cost: $27.99

Electric Air Pump

Battery Operated

3. Never Be Out of Touch with Your Crew

Cost: $45.88

soyond Solar Phone Charger

25000 mAh Portable Backup Battery Pack, Dual USB, Waterproof, Led Light

4. Capturing Memories

Cost: $35.00

If you’re worried about your camera being damaged, bring some disposables.

5. Light for your tent

Cost: $10.00

Never deal with losing anything in the dark while camping.

6. Head Lamp

Cost: $10.00

Avoid stumbling into a port-o-potty without a way to see.

Bonus: This order includes 2, one for you and a friend.

7. Avoid Congestion

Cost: $10.00

Bonus: Includes 3 in the order.

Keep yourself protected from air born dust and dirt.

8. Stay Clean

Cost: $11.00

Attach these to your fanny pack, shorts, or carry them along to keep yourself clean and safe from germs.

Bonus: 8 are included in each order, some for you and your crew.

9. Constant Hydration

Cost: $50.00

Keep yourself and your squad hydrated at all times with a Camelbak. Water bottles are not normally permitted inside festivals, but these are easy to refill!

10. Vitamins

Cost: $10.00

It’s not only your doctor who will recommend you take your vitamins, but an experienced festival attendee as well.

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Alexandra Cole Administrator
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